Termination Policy

Terminating the entire team isn’t ethical and socially acceptable. Your recruitment history may include a combination of incorporation and termination that you might have come across within a short time window or in a longer, gradual way.

The good news is that, you might cross paths with difficult personalities or those who perform marginally low, still you will also likely be witnessing some very talented personnel. Whatever may be the case, what is the best suited for your team may vary from time to time and will be based on many factors, depending on the situation.

Some of these factors are listed below −

  • Efficiency of the existing team members

  • Changes in the dimension of the business (whether new products are to be introduced or whether an expansion of the business has been proposed)

  • Changes in regulations (When a new skill set is needed)

  • Mandate of the Corporation (Caused as a result of increment or decrement in the budget)

  • Culture of Corporation (how the team is signified within the corporation)

  • Economy of the market and the corporation (whether going through recession or growth)

  • Major industrial changes (For instance − mergers, expansion, contraction, acquisitions, etc.)