How To Write Complaint Letters That Get Results!

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How To Write Complaint Letters That Get Results!

Get Your Consumer Complaints Dealt With Properly Avoiding The Curse Of Call Centres By Going Straight To The Top.

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Course Description

  • Are you stuck waiting for a consumer complaint to be resolved?
  • Or maybe a complaint you made to a company was not resolved to your satisfaction?

  • Are you being given a scripted answer run-around from a Customer Relations or Customer Service department?

How To Write Complaint Letters That Get Results is an easy 30-minute course based on me getting incredible results from companies in retail, mobile communications, local government, hospitality and aviation for over 35 years.

The simple methods I show you in this course will help you 'skip the line' with any genuine consumer complaint you have and escalate it in priority with the company in question. 

These methods helped me get a faulty brand new German luxury car replaced new for new for a friend. I got a genuine £1200 mobile phone bill written off by the service provider. My main bank refunded over £2000 in bank charges. I got countless free meals in restaurants. A broadband provider that was taking months to install a high speed broadband connection to my country house suddenly had it installed and running within a week of my letter. This method has worked for me for 35 years and it will work for you also.

Who this course is for:

  • If You Are Aged 18 Or Over And Have A Genuine Complaint Against A Service or Product Provider - Mobile Phone Company, Car Manufacturer, Hotel, Bank...This Course Will Potentially Get You Far Better Results Than The Usual Channels.


What will you learn in this course:

  • You Will Learn The Strategies That Have Served Me Successfully For 20 Years

  • You Will Learn Why Complaining Through Normal Channels NEVER Works

  • You Will Learn How To Get Your Complaint Dealt With By The Top People At The Company Your Are Complaining To

  • You Will Learn How To Potentially Get DRAMATICALLY Better Results Compared To Other People


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • This Course Is Open To Anyone With A PC, Internet Connection And Has A Genuine Complaint Against A Service or Product Provider

How To Write Complaint Letters That Get Results!


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

11 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 04:47 04:47
  • play icon About Your Trainer, Zack 01:31 01:31
  • play icon By The End Of This Course, You Should Be Able To.. 00:57 00:57
  • play icon Is Your Complaint Legitimate? 02:39 02:39
  • play icon Know All YOUR Facts 01:31 01:31
  • play icon Find Out Who Is The Head Honcho! 03:13 03:13
  • play icon Find The Company's HQ's POSTAL Address 01:08 01:08
  • play icon Make Sure You Have Access To A Printer 00:36 00:36
  • play icon Essential Elements Of Your Letter 01:41 01:41
  • play icon Letter Sample And Explanation 21:35 21:35
  • play icon How to Write Complaint Letters that Get Results 39:45 39:45

Instructor Details

Zac Jan

Zac Jan

I Will Help YOU Create Your BEST Life On YOUR Terms!

All successful athletes, cricketers, tennis players, golfers, soccer players, etc., need a coach helping them steadily climb to higher levels... You do too.

My life's mission is to share with YOU the tools, ideas and experience that helped me achieve some amazing things over the last 30 years. I'm going to share what worked, what didn't work but equally why your mindset is one of the most important weapons in your armoury.


No one knows you as well as you know yourself. But you know what's scary? Most of us don't know ourselves properly. So here you will learn more about yourself than you ever did before...things they don't teach you in school

Learn From My Successes... And From My Failures. Turn Decades Into Days And Save Yourself A Ton Of Time!

My life has not always been this way..

Raised in a one room in west London, I grew up with little and childhood was tough.


I was often judged. I was often told I'm not good enough.

I've been through many times of uncertainty, chaos and anxiety in my life. I was working my butt off but never seemed to have any money at the end of the month. Plus I was always worried about money and the future.

But I started to change things, introduce a few new habits - one degree changes - that things started to change for me. I have not looked back since.

Now I want to help you do the same. Even with the world in midst of chaos right not, the courses and trainings I will be introducing in 2022 will change everything for you too! So what are you waiting for? If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got. I look forward to an amazing journey with you.

With warmth and respect,


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