How to Start an Online Store: Step-by-Step Guide to Success

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How to Start an Online Store: Step-by-Step Guide to Success

With a Power of WordPress & WooCommerce Create Your Professional eCommerce Website

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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Course Description

Hey, future owner of a successful eCommerce website, if you want to start a professional-looking online store without huge investments or programming knowledge, this course is for you!

It may be your time to become your own boss, and having an eCommerce store is the way to go. My step-by-step course will help you to take this next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Is this course the right fit for you?

  • My course is for you if you're a beginner and need help figuring out where or how to start.

  • You have a physical store and want to start selling online.

  • You always wanted to create an eCommerce business, but it's too expensive. With this eCommerce course, you can do it yourself!

  • You are a seller on Etsy, eBay, or any other platform, and now you want to take control of sales and create your store. Another sales channel with more control equals more orders!

  • You sell your products on Facebook or Instagram shop, and now you want to have your online store.

  • You have a business idea; creating an eCommerce website is the biggest struggle. My step-by-step course will help you with everything.

  • You want to learn a valuable skill (creating online stores.)

  • You want to earn money as a freelancer by creating eCommerce websites.

  • You want to create an online store for a global or English-speaking audience.

  • You want to learn how to create an online store for a native or non-English-speaking audience.

So no matter your situation, as long as you want to learn how to create an online store, this course is all you need! I'll lead you through the whole creation process with easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons. After completing this eCommerce course, you'll have a fully functioning and professional-looking online store.

Discover the advantages offered by this eCommerce course.

  • Learn how to do it yourself and save a lot of money!

  • You'll learn how to build a professional online store the simple way.

  • No need for huge investments. Just for $9 per month, you can have your online store ready!

  • 2 methods to create your online store based on your budget. Money savers method and a premium method.

  • You don't need to know how to code. It's easy!

  • Learn how to use WordPress and WooCommerce.

  • Accept payments by PayPal, credit, and debit cards.

  • Create an online store for English-speaking audiences or any other language-speaking audience.

  • Learn what tools skilled eCommerce managers use to increase sales!

  • Learn how to use Elementor - the most popular WordPress page builder plugin.

  • Learn to use AI (artificial intelligence) tools to your advantage!

  • Lessons to increase your chances of getting your first sales rolling faster.

  • Learn about SEO with almost 2 hours of learning material. (organic sales guaranteed!)

  • Learn how to write blogs to attract even more visitors to your website. (optional, but highly recommended)

  • Join a growing community of like-minded people to learn even more!

  • Learn how to set up a business email address with your domain name for free!

These are some of the benefits my course has to offer. After completing this course, you'll have enough skills to create online stores not just for yourself but for others as well. I'll give you the blueprint I use to build eCommerce websites for myself and my clients.

And it's not just about teaching you how to start an online store; it's also about teaching you have to make it successful! Trust me, getting your first sale is addictive and gets the ball rolling. I'll show you how to optimize your products and get your first organic sales. And on top of that, I'll show you how to set up essential SEO tools to help you better understand how well your products are performing (Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console)

If you've been contemplating the idea of starting your own online store, my comprehensive course is here to assist you in making an informed decision. Throughout the program, you'll gain valuable insights into the efforts required and the potential cost savings of managing your online store independently. With this knowledge, you can confidently determine whether this venture aligns with your aspirations.

But why should you choose my course?

I wanted to start by grabbing your attention and giving you a quick course overview without wasting too much time. Now, let's go into more detail, and let me show you exactly why my course is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start their online store. It's packed with valuable information and resources to set you up for success!

WordPress - winner's choice!

So as you already know, we will use WordPress and WooCommerce to create our online store. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows us to create almost any type of website without coding or knowing any complicated programming jargon. It makes the whole website-building experience easier and quicker.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds a functionality of an online store to your website. So after we have finished setting up our WordPress environment, we will install WooCommerce, and this is where our journey to eCommerce begins.

Why am I saying that WordPress is a winner's choice? It's simple. Unlike Shopify, WordPress is a versatile content management system. Using it, you can create almost any website you can imagine, eCommerce being one of the more complicated websites. In this course, you'll learn everything about WordPress and eCommerce, so if you decide to create a blog or a business website to represent a brand, you'll have enough skills to do that.

WordPress - is cost-effective! We will use the open-source WordPress version, and it's completely free. You'll only need to pay for your web hosting and a domain name. And that's why running a WordPress online store is much cheaper than running a Shopify store.

How popular is WordPress? In 2023, WordPress powers 43.2% of all websites online, while Shopify 7.5%. So if you're still wondering if WordPress is the right platform for you, I can guarantee that!

I've been using this content management system for ten years. I used it for blogs, business websites, and online stores; I have nothing to complain about. Expect it's crucial to know what web hosting you should choose if you want your online store to run smoothly. But no worries about that. In this course, I'll show you a perfect and cost-effective option for WordPress. I use this option myself for all of my websites. And you should know that I only recommend tools I use myself so that I can be guaranteed you will not face any issues.

Design your website according to your budget.

I noticed that practically no courses allow students to create websites based on their budgets. But my approach is different.

In this course, you'll have two options to create your website. I call them the money savers method and a premium method. If you have more money (~$70) to invest, you can choose a premium option. With the premium method, you can create a more unique-looking website. You will have more customization and layout options.

With the money savers method (free), you will have limited customization and layout options. But of course, you'll save some money. So if you are on a tight budget, this might be something you'll be interested in. You can always start with this method, and later once your online store grows, you can update it with a premium method.

I have used both options and can guarantee excellent results and high quality. Your website will load fast and will look professional. I even use a premium method on all 3 of my online stores.

And, of course, both methods are cost-effective. I know how challenging it can be to start your website. Usually, when we first start, we only want to spend a little money. Trust me. I've been there. That's why even a premium method costs just around $70. It's a one-time fee. Unlike many other premium options, you must pay approximately $80 annually.

Usually, beginners make this mistake because they think they will get better results if they choose a more expensive option. My options will save you a lot of time researching the best choices. Through the experience, I did the research already for you. Through the try and error, I found the best options.

SEO traffic is the king of sales!

SEO might say little if you are fresh in creating websites or online marketing. But you should know that SEO stands for search engine optimization. And you use Google - the biggest search engine. When you use Google to look for various products or information, you can see that websites rank in different positions and pages. Some are at the top, others at the bottom or even on the last page.

How often do you check the second page of Google results? I'm talking not about the second result you see but the second page. It's when you scroll to the bottom and choose the second page. Probably not that often.

You probably check the first page and pay attention to the first 5 results. You understand that the higher you show up in the Google results, the more visitors and customers you can expect.

Imagine you are selling golden bracelets. And once someone types in the Google "golden bracelets," they see your website first. Can you even imagine how many customers you will get if you are in the first position? And you know what's best? You're not paying for advertising or anything like that; you are getting organic visitors.

Now to rank higher in Google search results, you use SEO. You optimize your website for search engines and get free traffic, which equals free organic sales.

The previous example with golden bracelets was just a quick example. To rank high for such a product (or keyword), you must do a lot of work and understand many things about SEO. The competition for such products would be extremely high. But don't get disappointed; that's what this section of my course is all about. You will learn a solid foundation of SEO that will help you get organic sales.

This section is around 2 hours long, so it's an entirely separate course in a course. You will learn everything you need to know to launch your products and get discovered on Google successfully.

You will learn how to set up traffic analysis tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and keyword research tool (Ubersuggest). Essential SEO and keyword research tools can cost at least a couple hundred dollars monthly, but I know cheaper alternatives. You even will be able to get a free trial for this tool.

So once again, in this section, I'll ensure that you will learn the most important things about SEO, and I'll help you to save money on essential tools. This will help you to get your first sales much faster! I'm not just teaching you how to create your online store but also how to make your first sales. I use these same techniques, and I can guarantee they work!

Blogging can help your website grow much faster!

Many people make a good living by running blogs. They monetize them with ads, affiliate offers, and other options. Of course, we are building an eCommerce website in this course, so we will not monetize our blogs.

Instead, we will write blog posts to attract more visitors and grow our website authority faster. I do this myself, and I always recommend doing this for other online stores. Of course, this is an optional section, but it's for learning and putting things into practice.

With an active blog, you can expect more sales! And besides, you will learn how to optimize your blogs, do keyword research (SEO), and much more. Maybe in the future, you will decide that you want to start a personal blog. Guess what. After completing all sections in this course, you will have enough knowledge to create not just eCommerce websites but blogs and business representation websites.

That's the other advantage of my course. Of course, I'm not focusing on these types of websites separately. With a strong focus on eCommerce websites, you will also gain enough skills to create other websites.

Create your online store in any language you want!

Here's another fantastic benefit my course offers: If you require building a website in a language other than English, you can do so seamlessly. You will find this section at the end of the course because it's optional for everyone who wants to translate their website.

If you're interested in just an English version of your website, you don't need to watch it. But if you want to create your online store for non-English speaking, that's exactly what you need to watch.

This is the same method I used to create a website for a non-English-speaking audience. Even though I started with an English version, I could fully translate this website into another language.

So no matter who your audience is, if it's English or any other language-speaking audience, you will learn how to create an online store for all of them.

I will give you my experience!

Teaching people is just one part of what I do; I'm also personally involved in managing three eCommerce stores. Let me tell you, it's no walk in the park to handle both responsibilities simultaneously. Crafting this course, which I put my heart and soul into, took me a dedicated seven months. Admittedly, during this time, my stores had to endure some challenges as my entire focus was ensuring this course was exceptional for all my students. But hey, it was totally worth it, and I'm super excited to share all that valuable knowledge with you!

In this course, I added all the latest information I use for creating and managing online stores. So there's no doubt that all the information is up to date here.

I understand the importance of your time, so I won't waste it with unnecessary fluff. Instead, I'll explore more intricate topics that will enrich your knowledge. Let's embark on this learning journey together!

During my time at a thriving web hosting company, I had the pleasure of sharing my expertise and empowering others. For about two years, I dedicated myself to guiding individuals on the exciting journey of creating their websites using WordPress. Whether it was building online stores, blogs, or business websites, my passion was to help people succeed. To be the best teacher I could be, I invested time and effort in understanding newcomers' common challenges.

Through interactive sessions and personal experiences, I learned what might be confusing, drawing from my own learning journey. With this valuable knowledge in hand, I carefully crafted this course, tailored to meet your needs. My goal is to equip you with the skills to create a stunning online store that draws in organic sales.

So let's start making your successful online store!

Major updates are in the works!

To keep the course alive and relevant, you need to keep updating it. I didn't do this much in the past, so many courses became outdated. But I have already planned some major updates for this course.

Right now, you will have enough material to create an online store that brings you organic sales. But in later stages, you might be interested in topics such as Email Marketing, Google Search ads, Managing Online Reputation, Conversion Rate Optimization, Customer Support, etc.

You'll learn all knowledge I learned while managing and creating my eCommerce websites. And if I learn anything new that helps make more sales, you can also expect an update!

Of course, the price will increase after each update, so I encourage you to get the course now and enjoy future updates for free!


What will you learn in this course:

  • How to Create a Professional-Looking Online Store Using WordPress & WooCommerce
  • How to Use the Most Popular Content Management System WordPress
  • How to Use the Most Popular eCommerce Plugin WooCommerce
  • Create an Online Store Using 2 Methods Based on Your Budget (Premium & Money Savers)
  • Use Elementor - The Most Popular WordPress Page Builder Plugin
  • How to Create an Online Store for English and Non-English-Speaking Audiences
  • To Use AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools to Your Advantage!
  • A Solid Foundation in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • How to Get Your First & Free Organic Sales
  • How to Do Keyword Research & Product Optimization
  • How to Use Google Analytics 4 Google Search Console
  • Setup a Free Business Email Address With Your Domain Name
  • How to Write a Blog to Attract More Customers to Your Online Store
  • How to Work With Color Palettes & Where to Get Stock Photos
  • How to Accept Payments to Your PayPal & Bank Accounts


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Ne previous experience is needed. You'll learn everything in this step-by-step course.
  • Computer with an internet connection.
How to Start an Online Store: Step-by-Step Guide to Success


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction to the Course
2 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 07:56 07:56
  • play icon About Teacher & Teaching Style 03:54 03:54
Setting Up Your Website & Business Email
9 Lectures
Working With WordPress
7 Lectures
Working With WooCommerce
10 Lectures
Introduction to the Customization of Your Website
6 Lectures
Customizing Your Website - Money Savers Method
12 Lectures
Customizing Your Website - Premium Method
10 Lectures
SEO for Beginners (Search Engine Optimization)
7 Lectures
Blogging (Optional but Recommended)
5 Lectures
Translating Your Website to Any Language
4 Lectures

Instructor Details

Gvidas Maskoliunas

Gvidas Maskoliunas

Digital Marketer | WordPress Enthusiast

I'm Gvidas, a digital marketer and entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the exciting world of website creation and online marketing. I've always been passionate about helping others succeed, and it's been a privilege to share my knowledge and expertise with those who want to build their online presence. I specialize in WordPress and have seen first-hand the power it has to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals.

Through teaching platforms, I can share my experiences and the lessons I've learned along the way. I understand that building and growing a website can be daunting, but I'm here to show you that it's possible. With the proper guidance and tools, anyone can turn their ideas into a reality and make a positive impact online.

I'm proud to say that I have a successful track record of helping individuals create and grow their websites. I'm always happy to share my tips and tricks on website design and marketing strategies to help increase traffic and drive sales. And as a successful e-commerce website owner, I know what it takes to turn a passion into a profitable business.

My approach to teaching is hands-on and focused on helping others achieve their goals. I believe that the best way to learn is by doing, and I'm dedicated to providing my students with the support they need to make their dreams a reality. Whether you're just starting or looking to take your online presence to the next level, I'm here to help.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and help others succeed. If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice on creating and growing a successful online presence, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Together, we can make a positive impact and achieve great things.

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