How To Make Blockbuster Movies

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How To Make Blockbuster Movies

And Do It On Your Own

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

How does someone make a blockbuster movie? Especially if they... Live nowhere near Hollywood... Have no money... and NO industry connections. And that's a blockbuster movie. Not a short. Not a documentary. Not a YouTube video. A REAL, BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE.

Like Inception, Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Memento, & The Dark Knight.

Movies that people actually love!

Would you like to make that kind of movie? Are you a filmmaker looking to make the jump to feature filmmaking (or even short filmmaking)? 

I, filmmaker Tom Getty (Emulation, America Has Fallen), outline a masterclass in taking YOUR cinematic tour de force from inspiration, to writing, to directing, to editing, all the way to launching it into the stratosphere of contemporary movies.

"How To Make Blockbuster Movies—And Do It On Your Own" shows you how to make epic, blockbuster movies wherever you are, whoever you are, and with however little money you have.

In my new course HOW TO MAKE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES—ON YOUR OWN, I lay out a step-by-step process for how to not only MAKE A MOVIE—but


Not a documentary, not a short (unless you want to apply the techniques to that), not a little experiment, not some cute little hokey joke to put on YouTube.

A movie. A real blockbuster movies like the ones YOU want to create.

Movies you can sell to Amazon, Netflix, Red Box, or anyone who is paying top dollar for quality movie content. (and the demand is huge, by the way.)

And I show you how it can be done where you are, with no help, and no money.

Which is what becoming a great director is ACTUALLY about. Learning to make something out of nothing. Learning to maximize resources. Learning WHAT to spend money on.

Yes, my course illustrates the processes of script-writing, directing, editing, distribution—but it does so in a way that no other course to date has ever done.

All available information on the subject of moviemaking is an attempt at EMULATING a multi-million dollar process.

I show you the process of what happens when you don’t have any money—

And how to command it.

How to gleam all the necessary lessons from it…

…Just like all the masters did.

If you’re extremely serious about actually making REAL movies, even obsessed with “becoming” one of the great directors of our time—then THIS is the course you need.

Here’s just some of the specific “golden nuggets” that are awaiting you in “HOW TO MAKE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES ON YOUR OWN”

— How to come up with an original idea for a movie. Nothing drives a filmmaker crazy like that catty criticism, “Oh that’s already been done before!” I detail not only how to bypass it, but how to get the same person saying, “Wow, how’d you come up with that!?”

— The easy way to transform inspiration into a valuable piece of movie writing. This is how you actually write what’s called a “screenplay.” Note: this is not just script “formatting.” This is creating engaging, original, award-worthy writing that you can ACTUALLY turn into a great motion picture.

— What a good idea is—versus a bad idea. Not all ideas are created equal…and you need to weed out the bad ones.

— Discover how to trace your moviemaking inspiration. A filmmaker who doesn’t know where his ideas are coming from is doomed to spend a lifetime finding his “voice.” To create an original, compelling idea, you MUST be able to locate where your ideas are coming from. I show you how.

— The one simple thing George A Romero changed, and how it cemented his career as a legendary filmmaker/writer. Everyone knows the famous Pittsburgh filmmaker is the grandfather of the modern zombie film. But how did he come up with it?

— The #1 reason 99.9% of screenplays fail—BEFORE THEY’RE EVEN WRITTEN. Read up on this so you don’t make the same mistake everyone else does.

— What a screenplay ACTUALLY is. Hint: it’s not a blueprint for a movie!

— A strategy that determines the financial success of your movie (that’s $$$ for you). Botch this and kiss years of your life away. Not to mention potential millions of dollars.

— The reason why people either love a movie—or hate it. In spite of all the mysteries that surround our art, there’s a simple reason why one movie flops, and another doesn’t.

— A process for analyzing the great movies—and how you can emulate their greatness. If your aim is to make a GREAT movie like, say, Memento, then you NEED to know why it IS a great movie, and how to mimic those qualities.

— A simple test to find “the perfect movie camera.” Yes, there is a perfect camera out there. And I show you a practical, time-tested method of tracking it down.

Look. This is showing you exactly what you’ll need in a camera. Not what a magazine says you need. Or what a famous expert likes using. This is the one you need in order to make a successful movie.

— The course gives you a no-holds barred look at the secret, behind-the-scenes politics behind movie camera sales—and why you don’t fit in anywhere. There’s a reason why picking a camera is so stressful. But I break it down for you, streamlining all the complex jargon and brand choices so you can confidently invest in a movie-maker’s most important tool: the camera.

And speaking of complex camera jargon…

— All complicated movie lingo has been translated—so you can get right to the good stuff. I’ve never liked jargon, and I’ve gone out of my way to annihilate it from my presentation on these complex topics. I show you EXACTLY what you need to know, and in the way you’ll be ready to receive it.

The course teaches you…

— How to not only find actors….but also influence them to WANT to be in your movie. And this isn’t just limited to actors—it includes being able to communicate and successful influence all kinds of people, of all walks of life to stop what they’re doing and help you with your movie—for free.

— Eliminate the need for memorization. Nothing more painful than your recruits forgetting lines, or just outright refusing to learn them. I show you a SIMPLE technique to get around this.

— How to Think and strategize like a Hollywood director. Successful directing is not about talent, smarts, or even looks. Or even about picking out “cool shots.” It’s the ability to think and strategize.

— Which is why I provide a powerful exercise for getting as much filmmaking experience as the master directors. This is not especially difficult when you realize even the greats, even the ones with 30+ years of experience, have only really done 2 or so years of actual hands-on filmmaking. I show an all purpose method that can give you as much—or potentially MORE—experience than any working director has today!

This course covers EVERYTHING—EVERYTHING—about making a movie, including even editing.

I show you…

— What editing actually is…and what it is NOT.

— What “post-production” actually is—and why it’s NOT about finishing the movie.

— A complete road-map through the “post-production” process. I demonstrate exactly how to maximize your creative choices during the crucial process of piecing the movie together.

— How to get out of “Completion Hell.” Many talk about “development hell,” but no one talks about “completion hell.” That is a movie has finished shooting, everything is “in the can,” and the filmmaker suddenly realizes, “this is a BAD MOVIE.”

Don’t worry.

It literally happens to EVERY movie. Even the blockbusters like Jaws, Star Wars, and Halloween. I show you not only how those movies deployed a series of tools to create some of the greatest movies ever made, but how you too can wield those same options, and produce a finished movie.

This is being able to look at 3,000 media assets, and unleash an arsenal of timeless processes to weave together your masterpiece. Processes like…

— Training your subconscious to edit the movie for you. Hollywood editors don’t labor over the trillion-plus possibilities in their work. They enact this powerful technique to get their subconscious mind making the decisions for them!

— The secret to making YOUR own music. Yes, that’s EVEN if you’ve never played an instrument and you have no clue about music theory. This is probably my favorite thing in the course.

— Crafting your OWN special effects. You may have no interest in this. But I show you why it’ll help piece your movie together—even if it isn’t a “special effects” movie.

— Manipulating sound to control the viewer. This is not messing around with putting in “sound effects.” This is how to control the mind audience, guiding them EXACTLY how to feel, and where on screen they should be paying attention to.


Distribution. And no, this is no Mickey Mouse advice about uploading your movie to YouTube or Vimeo.

This is…

— How to get your movie seen by Hollywood insiders…and how to get them calling YOU!

— The secrets of movie distribution. Why it’s not about just “getting shown” or submitting your masterpiece to film festivals.

— Strategies to compete in the brutally competitive film market. The game is rigged, yes. But I show you how to turn it on its head!

And finally…

— Create powerful marketing assets. This is not just making a “cool poster,” that an artistic person would like. This is crafting a knock-out, head turning cinematic poster that grabs potential buyers, and virtually forces in them a need to see your movie.

And, of course. This is creating the most important marketing asset of them all. Frankly, it’s the most important asset of any movie, and any movie’s success. I show you how to craft a cinematic movie trailer. Of which has nothing to do with hunting down “trailer worthy” shots or any kind of glib advice.

This I promise:

There’s so much more. But I have to stop before I spoil the whole course for you. I literally could write out the rest of the course right now, right here. That’s how passionate I am about filmmaking and the ideas in my course.

I’ll level with you. I really, really want to pass on this information to you. Right now.

I’ve seen so many people fail at actually doing something with their moviemaking dreams.

I don’t want you to be one of them.

I’ve met too many people who have a deep, passionate interest in making a movie—and then just. Poof. Nothing. JUST because they didn’t know where to start. Because they felt overwhelmed.

No one got through to them in time, and simply said:


I want you to be one of the people who can learn from my 25 years of experience, all distilled out in this course, uncensored, available for your academic and professional harvest.

I want YOU make a feature length film. And I want you to be able to do it yesterday.

So, right now. Drop what you’re doing. Stop reading this, and…


- Tom Getty

P.S. I can’t stress enough the importance of learning. Especially when it comes to moviemaking. There’s a notion out there that says film “can’t be taught.” Perhaps.

But it MUST be learned. And it must be learned by YOU.

You may have seen every movie, and know everything about all the great ones. But I promise you, there are untold riches waiting for you to uncover. All in my course.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Become a blockbuster movie director.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Be interested in filmmaking.
How To Make Blockbuster Movies


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

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Starting From Scratch
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Making the Movie
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Finishing The Movie
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Getting The Movie Out There
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Instructor Details

Tom Getty

Tom Getty

Ever since a young age, Tom has been in love with film and communications. As a young boy, he wrote stories and made movies. He made his first feature film at 18, while still in high school. In college he wrote, directed, starred in, edited, EMULATION; all the while graduating cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in communications. The film went on to win national awards and receive global distribution.

After college, Tom dug deeper into the world of film. At 24, he began production on an action-thriller, again taking on duties of writer, director, star, editor—but this time learning special effects to handle the film’s heavy effects load and teaching himself music so he could successfully score the entire picture. The film became AMERICA HAS FALLEN, won numerous national awards, and received global distribution from High Octane Pictures.

As a major reader, Tom decided to compile all his film knowledge from 25 years of experience. At 32, he wrote “How to Make Blockbuster Movies—And Do It on Your Own,” which filmmaker Scott Billups called, “the most unique book on moviemaking I’ve ever read.”

Tom, over the course of making three feature films, also had to make the film’s trailers. The experience forced him to learn movie-trailer-production from scratch. Through trial and error, and a wide background in advertising, marketing, and copywriting, Tom gathered a system for creating blockbuster advertisements that sell. He now creates professional movie trailers for film companies around the world.

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