How God rules nations

person icon Michael E.B. Maher

How God rules nations

God forms, rules and judges nations

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon Michael E.B. Maher

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Lectures -19

Duration -5.5 hours


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Course Description

This course looks at the subject of how God rules the nations of the world. Firstly, we look at how God forms nations, determining both their boundaries and their duration in the earth. Secondly, we look at how God governs the nations through the authorities that He places in them. And then finally we look at how God judges nations when they transgress against Him. This course also looks at the role that church is meant to play, both in God's governing and His judgement of the nations.

This course is meant for all audiences. No previous theological study is required or expected, for it is meant to give a basic understanding of what the bible says about the subject of God's rule of nations.

Michael Maher will lecture from the bible, to walk the student through the subject of the God’s rule of nations, so that the saint can have a clear understanding of this doctrine in the Christian faith. As a supplementary resource, this course can be taken in tandem with the reading of Michael Maher’s book, The Church and the State.

I trust that the material and the dialogue with other students will be encouraging and enlightening for all.

Who this course is for:

  • This is an all level course for anyone wishing to understand how God rules over the nations of the earth.
  • This course is not for those who wish to enter into religious debates.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Have a clear understanding of how God forms nations.

  • Have a clear understanding of how God governs nations.

  • Have a clear understanding of how God judges nations.

  • Have a clear understanding of the church's role in God's governing and judgement of nations.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • As a supplementary resource, students can obtain the book, The Church and the State, by M.E.B. Maher (Amazon, 2020) ISBN: 979-8686204287. The book is available in print and digital formats.

How God rules nations


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

How God rules nations
19 Lectures
  • play icon God begins nation 24:36 24:36
  • play icon God decides a nations borders 09:38 09:38
  • play icon God appoints governments 18:06 18:06
  • play icon God's benchmark for governors 17:24 17:24
  • play icon God's laws of governance 20:12 20:12
  • play icon Enforcement of a nations laws 16:06 16:06
  • play icon God's view of taxation 12:47 12:47
  • play icon God's use of nations 13:02 13:02
  • play icon The church's role in prayer 24:45 24:45
  • play icon The church's conduct 21:17 21:17
  • play icon The church's conduct in the earth 17:42 17:42
  • play icon The church's response to unjust laws 24:36 24:36
  • play icon The church and democracy 21:59 21:59
  • play icon Signs of impending judgement 15:41 15:41
  • play icon God's judgement of nations 25:07 25:07
  • play icon The three judgements of God 13:57 13:57
  • play icon God warns the church of impending judgement 12:46 12:46
  • play icon The church's response to judgement 17:19 17:19
  • play icon Conditions For A Nations Destruction 20:46 20:46

Instructor Details

Michael E.B. Maher

Michael E.B. Maher

Author and Bible Teacher

From childhood, Michael E.B. Maher has always known that the Lord's call was upon his life for the ministry. When he was saved at the age of twenty-two, almost immediately the Lord Jesus began to deal with him about entering the ministry. However, it was only many years later that he committed to the Lord to answer the Lord's call to the ministry. And so, in 2014 Michael Maher Ministries was begun. From the beginning, the mandate given to Michael from the Lord Jesus was to preach the word. And so, this ministry preaches the word of God on every available platform around the world.

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