GSM - The Operation Support Subsystem(OSS)


The operations and maintenance center (OMC) is connected to all equipment in the switching system and to the BSC. The implementation of OMC is called the operation and support system (OSS).

Here are some of the OMC functions:

  • Administration and commercial operation (subscription, end terminals, charging and statistics).

  • Security Management.

  • Network configuration, Operation and Performance Management.

  • Maintenance Tasks.

The operation and Maintenance functions are based on the concepts of the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN), which is standardized in the ITU-T series M.30.

Following is the figure, which shows how OMC system covers all the GSM elements.


The OSS is the functional entity from which the network operator monitors and controls the system. The purpose of OSS is to offer the customer cost-effective support for centralized, regional, and local operational and maintenance activities that are required for a GSM network. An important function of OSS is to provide a network overview and support the maintenance activities of different operation and maintenance organizations.