Gimme Your Money!: Beginners' Guide to Banks & Credit Scores

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Gimme Your Money!: Beginners' Guide to Banks & Credit Scores

Introduction to the basics of banking and credit scores.

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Lectures -8

Duration -45 mins


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Course Description

AROV's Complete Beginners Guide to Banking and Credit Scores is intended for absolute novices who are looking for a fundamental introduction to the concepts of banking and credit.

We start off by giving a brief explanation of how banks operate, how they make such massive profits, and why they aren’t merely a selfless institution that simply wants to keep your money safe. The class then delves into different types of bank accounts available to most common people, including basic savings and checking accounts, as well as CD (Certificate of Deposit) and Money Market accounts. We address how these accounts are similar, and in what ways they may differ. The course then explores credit by explaining what credit scores are, why they exist, how people can generally maintain them, and in what way they can be considered somewhat ironic.

We aim to make this class a quick and easy introduction to how banks work. We also offer a brief survey of the fundamental services they tend to offer. The information within should serve as a cornerstone for basic financial literacy.

Designed for people with little to no knowledge of banking.

*Hosted by Eddie Sage: All AROV Instructors are licensed teachers (US Department of Education) and certified by the National Financial Education Council (NFEC).*

For any schools or education institutions interested in partnering with AROV, contact us at info@arov.org..

For anyone interested in live classes, feel free to visit us at https://arov.org/tutors-teachers.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Better understand how credit scores work and how they are determined.
  • Better understand how various types of bank accounts differ.
  • Better understand how banks make their profits.
  • Better understanding of basic banking options and opportunities.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No prerequisites. All you need is an interest in learning basic knowledge about banking and credit scores.
Gimme Your Money!: Beginners' Guide to Banks & Credit Scores


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Gimme Your Money: Introduction to Banking and Credit Scores
8 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction and How Banks Work 14:50 14:50
  • play icon Different Types of Bank Accounts 11:26 11:26
  • play icon Why Do Banks Charge Fees? 01:13 01:13
  • play icon What Else Do Banks Offer? 02:32 02:32
  • play icon Credit Scores: What Are They and Why Are They Important? 02:09 02:09
  • play icon Who Assigns Credit Scores- A Look at Credit Agencies 08:21 08:21
  • play icon How to Interpret Credit Scores 03:13 03:13
  • play icon Closing Comments 01:45 01:45

Instructor Details

AROV Education

AROV Education

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AROV Education believes that the average person can achieve great success in life when they are equipped with two integral bodies of knowledge: financial literacy and effective communication. As such, we aim to provide accessible, practical instruction in these areas as a way to broaden the minds, perspectives, and skillsets of anyone interested. In doing so, we hope more people feel inspired and adequately equipped to pursue their life goals and most ambitious dreams.

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