Fusion 360 Step by Step | CAD, FEM & CAM for Beginners

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Fusion 360 Step by Step | CAD, FEM & CAM for Beginners

The Ultimate Hands-On Guide for AUTODESK FUSION 360! Learn Design, Simulation, Manufacturing and more from an engineer!

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Course Description

Learn CAD Design, FEM Simulation, Animation, Manufacturing of Single Parts and Assemblies Step by Step with FUSION 360 | The hands-on Guide for Beginners | Designed by an Engineer

FUSION 360 is available as a free license for hobby and private users!

Are you interested in CAD design and creating three-dimensional objects for 3D printing or other applications (model making, prototypes, design elements,...)? Are you looking for a hands-on and compact beginners course for the program Fusion 360 from Autodesk and want to take a professional course from a german engineer?

Then you have come to the right place and this course is perfect for you! In this comprehensive training tutorial, you will learn all the basics you need to know when using Fusion 360 from Autodesk, in detail and step by step. Get started right now with the help of a clearly presented, step-by-step guided and professional CAD, CAM, & FEM course.

Fusion 360 combines and links several engineering disciplines such as CAD ("Computer Aided Design"), CAM ("Computer Aided Manufacturing") and FEM ("Finite Element Method), summarized: CAE ("Computer Aided Engineering") in one software. With Fusion 360 you can not only create parts or assemblies, but also perform simulations and animations, as well as programming for a CNC machine. The main focus of this course is on design with Fusion 360, i.e. the CAD/Design section of the program. But don’t worry, the other features of Fusion 360 will not be neglected and will be covered in detail!

The benefits for you at a glance:

  • Learn step by step basic explanations on how to use FUSION 360 with the guidance of an engineer (Master of Engineering) and experienced user
  • Learn hands-on with many great example projects (Please watch the course teaser)
  • Learn all sections of Fusion 360 (CAD/Design, FEM/Simulation, Rendering, Animation, Manufacturing/CAM, Technical Drawings)
  • Get a simple, straightforward & fast introduction to Fusion 360
  • Easy to follow explanations
  • Ideal for beginners, novices and absolute beginners.
  • Learn everything important quickly! Compact and to the point:
    total running time approx. 3.5 h minutes


FAQ's about the course:

What can I learn in this course?

The training includes everything you need to know to design (CAD), animate, render, simulate (FEM) and manufacture (CAM & Technical Drawings) 3D parts on a PC. You will learn how to use Fusion 360 from Autodesk step-by-step and from scratch. Everything from creating a 2D sketch to using Fusion 360's features to creating a three-dimensional object is included. The software and its features are presented in detail and explained using some awesome projects (best to watch the teaser).

What do I need for the course and how long does it take?

The tutorial for Fusion 360 has a total duration of about 3.5 hours (divided into several individual lessons). Of course, you are free to choose which chapters you would like to view at which time, and you can also take a break at any time. Apart from a PC and the CAD software Fusion 360 (which, by the way, is available as a free download for private and hobby users), you do not need any other materials.

Is the tutorial only for beginners?

This course is generally designed for beginners and intermediate beginners without or a little bit of prior knowledge. No matter if only for information purposes about the technology of CAD design, simulation, manufacturing, etc. or for the application and implementation of your own ideas and projects. All procedures are explained in detail and are presented in a way that is easy to understand. This course is also ideal for moderately advanced users of Fusion 360 as well as all tinkerers, inventors, artists, students, young people, retirees, etc.

Who will show me the CAD basics in this course?

The Fusion 360 course is taught by a german engineer (Master of Engineering).

Theory and practice are merged in this course!

Is Fusion 360 and CAD, FEM & CAM difficult to learn?

The application of these engineering disciplines is definitely a complex subject, as the use of the software has to be learned and a bit of spatial understanding is required. Without help, one can lose the overview. With this comprehensive and detailed tutorial, however, you have all the information combined in one format and thus will always keep track. The software is ideal for beginners and is very well-done, as well as easy to use. Everything necessary is explained to you step by step and as simply as possible. In this way, both an uncomplicated start and the further independent application succeed.

Will I also learn how to handle assemblies and create technical drawings?

Yes! In the course, individual parts and assemblies are designed and simulated. The creation of technical drawings is addressed in the course in a lesson, but it is not taught in detail here, that would go beyond the scope of this course. There may be a separate course on this in the future.

What can I even do with 3D objects, CAD and Fusion 360 in general?

You have the possibility to create numerous great objects, and to realize your own ideas and projects. You could even print them out with a 3D printer, for example, or have them manufactured by a company (by milling, turning,...). In this way, you could create prototypes of an invention, create 3D objects for model making, construct spare parts that are no longer available or other great objects and materialize them.



What will you learn in this course:

  • Find your way around Fusion 360 quickly and confidently
  • Master all workspaces and their key features (CAD, CAM, FEM,..) of Fusion 360
  • Obtain Fusion 360 free of charge as a private/hobby user
  • Learn the basics of CAD design and the different ways of working
  • The 2D sketches and 3D object creation in the CAD / Design workspace
  • Create individual parts and assemblies in the CAD / Design workspace
  • To make connections (joints) between individual parts
  • Render and animate individual parts and assemblies
  • Simulate individual parts and assemblies, i.e. apply loads and display stresses and strains (FEM simulations)
  • Learn the computer-aided manufacturing process in Fusion 360 (CAM) and prepare a simple single part for milling
  • Create technical drawings in Fusion 360, also using a practical example


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No prerequisites! Everything is explained step by step and in detail from scratch!
  • Free Fusion 360 license available for home/hobby users
  • The course is designed for absolute beginners and intermediate students
  • No restrictions! Interested people, students, engineers, laymen, hobby users, designers, retirees,...
Fusion 360 Step by Step | CAD, FEM & CAM for Beginners


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Introduction | Scope & Content
2 Lectures
  • play icon Learning content of the course and what to expect 04:58 04:58
  • play icon Fusion 360 and program download 02:23 02:23
Section 1 | CAD Construction / Design THEORY
7 Lectures
Section 2 | CAD / Design PRACTICE
9 Lectures
Section 3 | Render & Animation
2 Lectures
Section 4 | Simulation (FEM)
2 Lectures
Section 5 | Manufacture (CAM) & Drawing (Technical Drawings)
2 Lectures

Instructor Details

M.Eng. Johannes Wild

M.Eng. Johannes Wild

3d printing, fusion 360, cad, arduino, python, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics

As an engineer (M.Eng.) and 3D printing enthusiast, I want to spread technology by using a very practical and understandable way without a lot of technical jargon. Enroll to my courses and get to know a fascinating world!

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