FullStack Vaadin (14-24+) - Practical Solutions

person icon David MARKO

FullStack Vaadin (14-24+) - Practical Solutions

Vaadin 14-24+ (with Spring Boot) - working with MongoDB, PDF, MS Excel, Vaadin Push, GridFS

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon David MARKO

architecture icon Java,SpringBoot,Spring,Web Development,Java & Spring Boot

Lectures -53

Quizzes -1

Duration -4.5 hours


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Course Description

Welcome to the ‘FullStack Vaadin (23+) - Practical Solutions’ course. With this course, you are going to add value to your existing JAVA and Vaadin 23+ (with SpringBoot) knowledge by getting familiar with several techniques for solving specifically selected areas of JAVA application development. Each topic involves a project configuration section but mostly covers practical solutions being split into several steps.

We will focus on several topics often useful in corporate JAVA development but not exclusively. SpringBoot is being used here as an underlying framework, but solutions presented here are not specific to this platform and can be reused e.g. with recent Quarkus support, etc. Java 11 is used in this course (required by Vaadin 23+), but the solutions provided here are Java 8 compatible and reusable with legacy applications.

The primary idea of this course is to help existing Vaadin developers to adopt certain knowledge in an easy way. The solutions presented are being used for several years in production-grade Vaadin applications and the libraries used are well-known for stability and active development. This will protect the value invested into adopting some libraries or projects. 

What you'll learn

  • Create interactive application using modern LiveView like programming approach

  • Use of Java for creating a full stack application (frontend / backend)

  • Use of Push techniques for updating users from backend

  • Create collaboration types of applications using popular LiveView approach

  • Increase your programming speed 5x using Vaadin for building complex UIs

  • Create highly maintainable and easy to read application code

  • Add value to your existing SpringBoot development knowledge

GitHub repository:

The source code is available through the link attached to the last lecture in this course. You can clone the repo and use the code snippets we are building in this course.


What will you learn in this course:

During a course, we create a basic Vaadin single-page application and each lecture will add a new enhancement to it. Eventually, we create a single application with many different features.

  • create a full featured single page application using VAADIN

  • collaboration using server Push technology

  • export application data in MS Excel format with formatting and some other features

  • export application data in PDF format with formatting, embedded images or bar-codes

  • including MongoDB as persistent data storage

  • using GridFS as an attachment/file uploads data storage

An important part of this course is to realize 'what we don't need to do' when using Vaadin. Simplification can be a huge and old saying that 'the best code is the code you don't have to write' is proven here.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Java 8+, basic knowledge of web development
  • Basic or none VAADIN framework experience
  • Basic Spring / SpringBoot knowledge
FullStack Vaadin (14-24+) - Practical Solutions


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 00:30 00:30
Basic ToDo application step-by-step guide
13 Lectures
Server side @Push - real time communication
5 Lectures
Working with MS Excel exports
8 Lectures
Adding PDF reporting
11 Lectures
1 Lectures
Storing data into MongoDB
4 Lectures
GridFS - file upload from Vaadin into MongoDB and vice-versa
10 Lectures

Instructor Details



About me

Hi, my name is David Marko, I live in Czech republic and I'm working as software developer and architect for more than 2 decades now. I've been working with Vaadin, SpringBoot, MongoDB and Elasticsearch mainly since Vaadin version 7 by building customer specific applications with focus on integrity, user friendliness and long time maintenance.

Currently I have following certifications:

  • Certified Vaadin 14 Professional
  • Certified Vaadin 14 Developer
  • Certified Vaadin 8 Professional
  • Certified Vaadin 8 Developer
  • Vaadin 7 Certified Developer
  • SalesForce Developer and Administrator
  • Certified MongoDB Developer in JAVA
  • Certified MongoDB Administrator
  • M320: MongoDB Data Modeling

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