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Full Stack BLOG website development with MERN Stack
Master MERN Stack from Scratch while building awesome Blog Site. Covers entire Frontend, Backend, Database & AWS Hosting

    • Introduction
      3 Lectures
    • React Front-end
      8 Lectures
    • Node Back End
      7 Lectures
    • Setting up MongoDB
      5 Lectures
    • Connecting front and back ends
      7 Lectures
    • Hosting the Site
      7 Lectures
  • Description

    Welcome to Become a Full Stack / MERN Stack (Mongo Express React Node) Powered Blog site from Scratch to Deployment.

    This course is the best guide to mastering the MERN Stack, taking you from total beginner to full-stack expert, capable of making your own impressive, fully-featured blog site from scratch to deployment to the AWS Cloud Hosting.

    You've learned React and can create amazing front-end interfaces. But deploying them requires more. You need logic—and a place to put it. By combining your front-end UI with a back-end solution and cloud hosting, you can build powerful and interactive full-stack applications. In this project-based course, I will show you how to combine React, Node.js, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a full-stack, full-featured website, including user-friendly forms for posting articles and comments. Learn how to create an interface from React components, develop a Node.js server, tie in a MongoDB database, and deploy your site on Amazon Web Services. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to take your client services to the next level: full-stack web applications that are truly interactive.

    Learning objectives:

    • Creating the app component

    • Using React-Router links

    • Setting up an Express server

    • Route parameters in Express

    • Adding the comments functionality

    • Installing and adding MongoDB to your project

    • Rewriting the endpoints

    • Adding React hooks

    • Adding buttons and forms

    • Pushing code to GitHub

    • Running a full-stack app on AWS

    • Building an extensive backend API with Node.js & Express

    • Extensive API testing with Postman

    • Integrating React with our backend in an elegant way, creating a great workflow

    • Building our frontend to work with the API

    This course has so much more, It does not make sense to write them all here. But I can guarantee that this course is your gateway to become a FullStack JavaScript Developer.

    Enroll in this course. This is revolutionary :)

    Even if you’re new to React or Node, you’re in good company—you’re going to understand every line of code that we write together.

    No matter your skill level, this course has something for you. Whether it serves as the start of your next big project, your first production-ready MERN Stack app, or just a great addition to your developer portfolio, you’re not going to want to miss this course.

    You will master your JavaScript skills, Understand Core Node JS programming, Build fast, flexible and scalable API with Node JS.

    Not only that, but you will also learn React JS from scratch. You will learn to build lightning-fast frontend web apps that will consume the data from the API you build.

    This course is unlike any other course you have seen online. This course first focuses on giving you a deep understanding of the topic before diving into building practical projects.

    This course shows you how to master the most in-demand technologies of the present time in an easy, fast, and effective way. Grab this opportunity, don't let it go!

    So what are you waiting for :) Let me take you on A Wonderful Journey to Learn Node JS and React JS from Scratch and build A MERN Stack Blog Site Project along the way!

    What Will I Get ?

    • Building Full Blog site using MERN stack
    • React Hooks, Async/Await & modern practices
    • Learn Node JS API (Backend) Development from Scratch
    • Create an extensive backend API with Express
    • Integrate React with an Express backend in an elegant way
    • Learn to use Mongo DB and Postman
    • Hosting full stack site with Amazon AWS EC2


    • Basic Understanding of JavaScript & ES6 Fundamentals
    • Basic Understanding of React Js
    • Basic Understanding of Node Js
Full Stack BLOG website development with MERN Stack
This Course Includes :

2.5 hours

36 Lectures

Lifetime Access

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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