Forex Algorithmic Trading with Python : Build a DCA Bot

person icon Maneesha S Nirman

Forex Algorithmic Trading with Python : Build a DCA Bot

Create your own profitable DCA Bot with Python. He can trade many currency pairs at once. With free Bot included !!

updated on icon Updated on Nov, 2023

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person icon Maneesha S Nirman

architecture icon Forex,Algorithmic Trading,Python,Python Pandas,Trading & Stocks

Lectures -49

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Duration -2.5 hours


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Course Description

There are 8 main sections in this course

  1. Basics of Python

  2. Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

  3. Basics of Forex

  4. Building the DCA Strategy Plan

  5. Algorithmic Trading with mt5 Library

  6. Building the Trading Bot

  7. Multiprocessing ( Trading Multiple Currency Pairs Simultaneously )

  8. Live Trading 

Basics of Python -

This section is for absolute beginners in python. We are discussing about following topics.

  • Installing Python and Setting up IDE

  • Print Function and F Strings

  • Variables and Basic Data Types in Python

  • Operators in Python

  • Python Functions

  • Global and Local Variables in Python

  • Working with Lists

  • Working with Dictionaries

  • If Else Statements in Python

  • While Loops, Break and Continue Statements

  • For Loops

  • Classes and Objects in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

Pandas is a Python library created for data analysis. We are using this library to do essential forex calculations.

We are discussing about,

  • Pandas Series

  • Pandas Data Frames

  • Selecting Specific Rows and Columns in a Dataframe

  • Selecting Rows in a Data Frame by Conditions

  • Iterating Colums in a Dataframe

Basics of Forex

We will discuss terminology in forex and do essential calculations.

  • Installing MetaTrader and Setting Up a Correct Broker Account

  • Types of Currency Pairs in Forex

  • Bid, Ask and Spread

  • Lots, Pips , Leverage and Margin

  • Essential Calculations

  • Types of Orders in Forex

Building the DCA Strategy Plan

In this section, we will be designing blue print of our trading bot

Algorithmic Trading with mt5 Library

We are creating functions of our trading bot(Functions for Opening and Closing Different Types of Orders with Python

Getting Current Position Details,

Basic Calculations ( Profit/Loss , Margin , Total Volume ))

Building the Trading Bot

We are putting all the functions together and assembling the bot


We are putting all the functions together and assembling the bot

Live Trading

We are waiting for suitable market conditions and correct currency pairs.

Then we do live trading


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Python
  • Data Analysis With Pandas Library in Python
  • Foundation Forex Knowladge For Beginners ( Learn Types of Currency Pairs , Lots, Pips, Leverage, Margin, 6 Types of Order Types , Basic Calculations )
  • The DCA Trading Stratergy ( Placing Orders at Different Price Levels , Calculating the Profit , Taking a Correct Entry, Best Markets to Grid Stratergy )
  • Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading
  • Connecting MetaTrader  with Python Using MetaTrader5 Library and Placing Different Types of Orders
  • Calculating Profit, Margin,Volume ect with Python
  • Building DCA Strategy Using Psudo Code and Converting into Python Code
  • Creating Multiple Trading Bots Using Classes and Objects and Run Them Parallelly with Multi Processing
  • Understanding Suitable Market Situations and Live Trading


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  1. You need a Desktop / Laptop with Stable Internet Connection
  2. I Will be Providing All the Fundamental Knowledge in Python and Forex. So You do not Need any Prior Knowledge.
  3. Curious and Interested Participants are More Likely to Benefit from this Course
Forex Algorithmic Trading with Python : Build a DCA Bot


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

1 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction and Course Content 03:03 03:03
Basics of Python Programming for Beginners
12 Lectures
Data Analyzing with Pandas Library in Python
5 Lectures
Foundation Forex Course
8 Lectures
Building Up The Trading Stratergy
6 Lectures
Alogorithmic Trading with mt5 Python
10 Lectures
Assembling the Trading Bot
3 Lectures
Trading Multiple Currency Pairs - Threading and Multiprocessing
2 Lectures
Live Trading
1 Lectures
Download the DCA Bot from Here !!
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Maneesha S Nirman

Maneesha S Nirman

Hey, I'm Maneesha. I'm a computer scientist, web developer and a medical student. I have worked with different freelancing jobs entailing web design, SEO, networking, cybersecurity, and various other technology-related topics.

I have 5year experience in penetration testing with Kali Linux, Linux command line, Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, Password cracking, HTML, CSS, WordPress and SEO. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with you.

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