Forensic Engineering: Learn to Investigate Engineering Failure Fundamentals

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Forensics is the application of engineering concepts to resolve faults or other performance issues according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. Forensic engineering also constitutes evidence to a court of law on the conclusions of these investigations. The results of the failure may give rise to a criminal or civil law case.

Brief Overview:

Why do products fail and who finds out why? Don't miss out on positive mistakes! Identify the causes of the failure and make use of this information to reduce accidents. In this course, Certified forensic engineering Investigation-foundation we enter the complex world of forensic engineering and examine how forensic engineer analyse product failure. From investigating a large structure to determining the reasons behind the failures in medical products, you will understand how the truth can be established. Also, what are the key steps, method and role of forensic engineer. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of forensic engineering investigation and prepare the investigation report.

Course Highlights:

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Analyse the cause of failures in engineering products

  • Recognize critical components of failure

  • Understand the role, method and techniques used by a forensic engineer

  • Find technical documents and product specification

  • Accumulate data from various sources. Data collection ranging from online to overview of field investigations.

  • Extract key information from standards, specifications, codes of practice, or technical literature and apply that information to product failures.

  • Reporting findings about the most likely causes and consequences

  • Draft an re-verifiable report of your investigation.

What is the Average Salary of an Forensic Engineer?

The salary for a forensic engineer varies based on the location. Salary Range $50,000 to $100,000+. As with most professions, those who have more experience can expect to earn more than newcomers to the field.

What is the skill set required to be an Forensic Engineer?

Curiosity, communication, problem solving, scientific approach and Critical Thinking Skills.

Who is preferred by the companies?

Some employers give priority to candidates with voluntary professional certification.

What is typical job description of an Forensic Engineer?

Engineers are problem solvers who use the math and science concepts to plan, design and build solutions to make things work better. Engineers are required in any conceivable sector. Forensic engineers are skilled engineers who research non-existent materials, devices, tools, structures and products that don't work as they were intended to or fail to function entirely.

They often provide written or oral evidence in legal proceedings concerning their conclusions or expert opinions.

Project Works (Prepare and analyse): 

  • Prepare a comprehensive report on Engineering Failure (Report Writing)
  • Case Study on Forensic Engineering Failure


  • Forensic Investigation
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Fundamentals of Forensic Engineering Investigation
  • Steps by Step method of Investigation
  • Real Life Sample Case
  • Preparing Report and Findings


  • No Pre-requisites
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  • Introduction to Forensic Engineering
  • Components of Forensic Engineering
  • Application of Forensic Engineering
  • Role of the Forensic Engineer
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedure-I
  • SOP: Standard Operating Procedure-II
  • FEI Life Cycle of an Engineering Product
  • FE Stage II
  • FEI Stage III and IV
  • FEI Steps in Forensic Engineering
  • FEI Methods in Forensic Engineering
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Forensic Engineering: Learn to Investigate Engineering Failure Fundamentals
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