Flood Risk Analyse With Analytic Hiearchy Method(ArcGIS)

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Flood Risk Analyse With Analytic Hiearchy Method(ArcGIS)

Learn How to Find Flood Risk Areas for Any of Study Area in the WORLD

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Course Description

In the course I prepared for Flood Risk Analysis with ArcGIS, I will show you how to determine from scratch in detail the Flood Risk Analysis with AHP in a place of India, with a high probability of flood risk disaster using the "Multiple Decision Criteria" method.

Throughout the course, you will be actively introduced to ArcGIS Basic commands and how to use complex spatial analysis techniques in the following sections.

  • Thematic Map layer creation,
  • Raster operations (cutting, merging, DEM data according to the border), 
  • Classification of raster data (Reclassify) 
  • Defining a common projection system for Map Layers, 
  • Dissolve process (Integration by Grid Code) 
  • Conversion from raster to vector/vector to raster 
  • Interpolation method, 
  • Geoprocessing operations, raster analysis, 
  • Exporting vector and raster data in the desired coordinate system, 
  • Modeling the analyzes that we will make using Model Builder, 
  • Weighted Overlay Analyze 
  • Area calculation of criteria *
  • More processes such as Cartographic Design and printing will be explained to you in detail. 

Unlike other courses, you will learn to prepare using the AHP Online Calculator in order to calculate the weights of the basic criteria we will use for the analysis (finding the effect of the criteria on the analysis), and you will be able to print your standart maps with quality cartographic designs.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Multi Criteria Analyse

  • ArcGIS Basic Functions

  • ArcGIS Spatial Analysis

  • How to use Geoprocessing Tools

  • Project GIS Datas

  • How to manage Flood Risk Analyse Criterias

  • Raster-Vector Conversions

  • Weighted Overlay Analyses

  • Hydrology Analysis and Modelling

  • How to use Model Builder

  • Cartographic Design

  • Identify Flood Risk Zones/Flood Risk Maps

  • Create Soil Map from free open source datas

  • Watershed Analysis From the zero

  • Area calculation from the pixels and vectors

  • Raster Reclassification

  • Working with Rainfall Datas

  • Raster Processings (Mosaic,Clip Digital Elevation Map)

  • Working with CDF file and data Extraction, Map Generation, Calculation

  • Remote Sensing Tecniques (Main)

  • Krigging Interpolation Method

  • More and More...


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Main Computer Knowledge

  • Main GIS Knowledge

  • ArcGIS 10.X

  • Attention

Flood Risk Analyse With Analytic Hiearchy Method(ArcGIS)


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Preparing Thematic Layers
14 Lectures
  • play icon İntro 02:36 02:36
  • play icon Criterias and AHP Method 02:35 02:35
  • play icon İntroduction about Flood Risk 06:44 06:44
  • play icon How to Download Aster DEM Datas 03:33 03:33
  • play icon How to Mosaic DEM Files 10:27 10:27
  • play icon How to Create Elevation Map 11:18 11:18
  • play icon How to Create Slope Map 05:56 05:56
  • play icon How to Create Soil Map 14:58 14:58
  • play icon How to Create Curvature Map 06:38 06:38
  • play icon How to Create Landuse and Landcover Map 22:24 22:24
  • play icon How To Create NDVI Analysis Map 24:27 24:27
  • play icon Hydrology Analysis/Distance to Rivers 21:35 21:35
  • play icon How To Create Topographıc Index Map 15:54 15:54
  • play icon How to Create Rainfall Map 20:50 20:50
AHP Method/Calculating Per Criterias İnfluence
2 Lectures
Final Part/Printing/Cartographic Design
1 Lectures

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