Firebase - Write Transactional Data

Transactional data is used when you need to return some data from the database then make some calculation with it and store it back.

Let us say we have one player inside our player list.

Firebase Write Transactional Data Start

We want to retrieve property, add one year of age and return it back to Firebase.

The amandaRef is retrieving the age from the collection and then we can use the transaction method. We will get the current age, add one year and update the collection.

var ref = new Firebase('');

var amandaAgeRef = ref.child("players").child("-KGb1Ls-gEErWbAMMnZC").child('age');

amandaAgeRef.transaction(function(currentAge) {
   return currentAge + 1;

If we run this code, we can see that the age value is updated to 21.

Firebase Write Transactional Data Update