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Financial and Operation Budgeting |Business Plan for growth

Why we need budgeting for our Business ? Budgeting helps to plan for uncertain future and growth in business

Created by Manish Gupta, Last Updated 08-Dec-2019, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Why Budgeting is important
  • Process of making budgets
  • How to estimate revenue
  • How to create business plan while budgeting
  • Key Points to remember and consider while making budget


  • Previous two classes 1. Fundamentals of accounting for startup
  • Operation and financial analysis for business decisions.


All Startup founders and Business owners, executives must get basic understanding of finance and accounting to enable themselves to be able to read financial statements, analyse results and the impact of their business decisions.

This course was recorded during a live class with startup founders who do not have any formal background in accounting and finance. Course contents, speed and explanations are designed keeping in mind those users, hence other users may find it slow and sometimes repetitive. I repeated few things just to make my audience understand and absorb concepts.

This Class is a first day of five day series topics discussion in the course includes

Budgeting and forecasting and financial plan includes.

A. Why Budgeting / Forecasting / Planning is needed for business

B. Is it just a paper exercise?

C. How to make use of budgeting & forecasting.

D. Components of Budgets.

E. How to forecast and defend unforeseen future and able to defend it

Who this course is for:

  • Startup Founders and Co-founders
  • Business operation executives

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