Excel VBA LOOPS & IFs with Practical Projects Series2

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Excel VBA LOOPS & IFs with Practical Projects Series2

Basic to Advance LOOPS with IF Function & Select statements - Super knowledge

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

  • Why we need to know about LOOPS and what is their importance in VBA. Let us take a deep dive into LOOPs. We are not leaving any thing behind here.
  • You will become master in writing and resolving the every type of Loop from simple to super complex loops . 
  • Difference between For Next and Do Loops and where and why to use them.
  • You will know the For Next , Do while and Do Until loops and IF functions. You will start feeling like a programmer after finishing the course.
  • Basic to Advance coverage of Loops use in VBA from syntax formation to tweaking them.
  • Fundamentals clarity on writing syntax and debugging the codes in case of loops.
  • How to reverse the loops using step keyword.
  • How to exit from loops before they finish but why we do that, that is most important.
  • How to mix IF with Loops with practical's. From basic IF statements to nested IF statements - We have all covered.
  • What is a start point and step value in Loops and how to choose start and step value wisely when we look at the data.
  • Projects on real situations on Loops and IF functions shared in this course - Its a booster for your confidence
  • Different IF statements approaches - Why and when to use Elseif  and when to avoid it - Multiple conditions
  • How to write subloops in loops with use of IF functions.
  • Why to run loops code on F8 mode and not F5. Problems you can face if loops run on F5 mode with practical examples.
  • What is innermost loop and outermost loops, How they work with practical discussion.
  • What is Select Case in VBA and How to use Case Select instead of writing IF functions in VBA.
  • Any doubts, please ask. My support is there all time for you.
  • A fair amount of exercises for you with solutions on Loops.- it is just so mesmerizing.


What will you learn in this course:

  • In this course - We are taking a deep dive into Loops and IF Functions with Select Case statements. You will not need to look back on Loops topic ever if you finish this course till end.

  • Detailed discussion on For Next loops - their use and significance . How to mold them in different ways and use in your projects.

  • Discussion on Do -While & Until loops from very basic level to advance.

  • Which loop is better or how about making a choice in loops over each other.

  • Learn loops using the basic and complex patterns in order to get mastery.

  • Detailed discussion on IF functions and their different syntax's. For example, Single IFs, IF AND, IF OR and Nested IFs.

  • Use of Else-IF and when to use it , How it is different from IFs without Else-IF blocks. With real time examples.

  • How to handle hundreds of conditions in one go using IFs.

  • What is the syntax of writing them. How they are used in Loops. How to write Loops and IF together to make awesome projects.

  • What is a Case Select statement- How it can be an alternate to IF conditions in VBA.

  • Why we should not run loops on F5 mode and prefer F8 - Let us understand this by using a practical code.

  • Whether it is a combination of IF with For next or Do Loops - we are discussing everything here taking great examples.

  • How to write Sub-Loops in Loops- you will find all relevant information here.

  • Different ways to write IF statements with else or without else.

  • What happens if you write IF with ELSE-IF  or each IF independently. Its a fundamentals.

  • Assignments for your practice and to monitor the self performance as to how well we understood the series and use of Loops along-with IF Functions.

    To help you in growing faster and be able to the assignments ,questions prepared for you an Online assistance to students is also given personally by me. 

  • Students can ask questions related to the loops series and get their doubts cleared on immediate basis.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • You should know basics of VBA Variables and comfortable with general data and sheet selection commands.
  • You should have minimum MS Excel 2007 or above version installed on system.
Excel VBA LOOPS &  IFs with Practical Projects Series2


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

VBA LOOPS With IF Statements - In depth Training
22 Lectures
  • play icon A quick demo - What is being covered in the course
  • play icon A demo on Course 46:45 46:45
  • play icon VBA Loops - Let us begin with FOR NEXT
  • play icon For Next Loop in detail- Let us start 01:01:40 01:01:40
  • play icon Do While and Do Until loops with IF statements
  • play icon Dowhile and doUntil 38:57 38:57
  • play icon Implement Loops & IF Concepts on Real excel Data
  • play icon Loops use on real data 25:29 25:29
  • play icon How to write SUB LOOPS Understanding - Powerful and Important Concept -
  • play icon Subloops 41:47 41:47
  • play icon Project Difference between ELSEIFs and Normal IFs- Fantastic knowledge
  • play icon Difference between two Types of IF blocks 21:52 21:52
  • play icon First Loop project for you - gain more confidence
  • play icon Loop project 49:03 49:03
  • play icon Second Loop Project - loop pattern
  • play icon Loop pattern 18:32 18:32
  • play icon Project for your practice
  • play icon Create sheets using loops 17:48 17:48
  • play icon Another Project on IF and LOOPS
  • play icon IfLoops 16:02 16:02
  • play icon Assignment solved- Incredible source of information
  • play icon Assignments 51:51 51:51

Instructor Details

ajay parmar

ajay parmar

Data Analytics Trainer

I have been teaching online from 10 years now and teaching is my hobby and passion. I cannot think of anything better than teaching and shaping up students career. Enroll today and take your knowledge to the next level. My training content is my proud and you will not be disappointed. I teach advance Excel, Excel VBA, MS Access, Access VBA, PowerQuery, M code in Powerquery, PowerPivot,DAX Formulas,Power BI and WebScraping using html libraries in VBA.

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