Excel Business Modeling - The In-Depth Street Smart Toolkit.

A comprehensive guide to build sophisticated models, robust databases, and write powerful formulas with Excel 2007-2019.

  Leon Lamprecht

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   Published on 06/2022



Your Comprehensive Street Smart Toolkit for Life.

This course provides a comprehensive street smart toolkit to construct effective and valuable models for your professional life.

If you are looking to vastly expand your Excel knowledge, build strong analytical and business modeling skills, or enhance and monitor productivity, this course will set you up with the correct managerial skillset to stand out in a competitive market.

This course provides resources and equips you with:

* Provide a 'shortcut approach' to building models that are useful within everyday activities.

* An in-depth understanding on how to build and utilize sophisticated models.

* Efficiently construct flexible yet robust databases.

* Quickly write powerful Excel formulas to analyze data and text fields.

Whilst most Excel courses converge on what each formula does, this course will also provide you with the practical application of these formulas. It is compiled from 20+ years of international business experience, focusing on hands-on practical scenarios, cases and knowledge. Knowledge that you won't find anywhere else.

This course will educate you to approach and apply Excel formulas in a logical and easy to use way, and will master distinctive tips and tools to truly take your reporting and analytical skills to the next level and beyond.

Why is this course the right course for you?

Do you have a genuine appetite for flexible business scenario modeling and process automation? Would you like to be more efficient in your career? Would you like to be able to possess excellent technical problem solving skills, and have an in-depth understanding that data needs to be accurate? Does your business or career need to apply and ensure that models needs to be robust, powerful and flexible?

The coursework is to the point and easy to follow and understand. Having over 20 years experience designing and preparing models for large international corporations, I will enable you to formalize the knowledge for you to OWN! This course focus on practical application to enhance your productivity and vastly expand your knowledge base.

As a highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountant with over 20 years' international experience across a wide variety of industries, I encounter and solve business challenges on a daily basis. The contents in this course contains real-life problems that I have encountered over the last 20+ years, problems I had to solve the hard way. The beauty of this course is that training material is not limited to your work environment. It can also be applied to your personal circumstances, such as family budgeting, home loan repayment calculations and retirement planning. The only thing that limits you is your imagination!

By the end of this course, you'll be "street smart" and able to compile and analyze robust data bases, formulas and business models empowering you to:

* Have a thorough understanding of what Excel is capable of and how to approach tasks in a logical, quick and easy manner.

* Approach challenges from different and more efficient angles getting to the same result.

* Use DATA VALIDATION LISTS to create vibrant yet flexible drop-down lists in cells and practically apply these in combination with LOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX functions.

* Return values from a list using a given position or index using the CHOOSE formula in combination with SUMIF and LOOKUP functions.

* Learn how to split and combine text into different columns using TEXT TO COLUMNS and CONCATENATE functions, and how to practically apply these in combination with other formulas.

* Return aggregate results for supplied values with SUBTOTAL functions in combination with the SUMPRODUCT and OFFSET functions.

* Filter, analyze and display data using PIVOT TABLES and other tools.

* Convert and manipulate DATE and TIME functions (with payroll time sheets in mind) and apply multiple CONDITIONAL FORMATTING rules.

* Automate time consuming tasks using MACROS (including linking multiple MACROS) and other street smart formulas.

* Construct powerful IF and NESTED IF statements using multiple conditional criteria, including but not limited to check if there is an error in the formula using IFISERROR, and IF AND OR statements.

* Work effectively with 100+ Excel SHORT CUT KEYS and customizing your ribbon / toolbar to work more proficiently.


* Write TO THE POWER formulas and apply these in NPV (Net Present Value) calculations.

* Replicate worksheets quickly, efficiently and apply HYPERLINKS.

* Build powerful LOOKUP formulas that are flexible yet robust - The Street Smart Way.

* Construct complex SUMIF, SUMIFS formulas that meets MULTIPLE CONDITIONAL criteria and applying these in business modeling.

* Write financial functions with PMT (payment), RATE (interest rate), NPER (period), PV (present value) and FV (future value) and compare that against a loan repayment schedule as an example.

* Apply multiple COUNT functions together with special characters using WILDCARDS, to count specific criteria in a data range.

* Find the correct unknown input where the output is known using the GOAL SEEK and SCENARIO MANAGER functions in a NPV (Net Present Value) business case scenario.

* Write formulas performing calculations on a range of data based on certain criteria, using the D-functions like DGET, DAVERAGE, DMAX and much more.

If you want to stand out in the real world, you have come to the right place!

Enroll now and take the next step in mastering your Excel skills. See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • This course starts at Intermediate Excel level, only certain basic functions will be referred to, and builds up to a comprehensive understanding of complex functions, techniques and data models.
  • Anyone looking to start or enhance their career in data analytics and business and / or financial modeling, enhancing the everyday skills of Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Commercial Managers, Financial Controllers, Bookkeepers, Financial Planners, Data Analysts, Stock Analysts, Stock Brokers, Company Directors, College / University students, and many more!
  • Anyone looking to build strong modeling and business analytical credentials to stand out in a competitive environment.
  • Excel users looking to vastly expand their knowledge and approach to enhance their productivity to become highly efficient.

What Will I Get ?

  • Build quick and easy, street smart financial dashboards, formulas and models with multiple scenarios from scratch.
  • Learn to approach and apply Excel formulas in a logical and easy to use way, ensuring you stand out above the rest.
  • Mastering distinctive tips and tools to truly take your reporting and analysis to the next level and beyond.
  • How to practically apply the course material in a business environment, as well as in personal circumstances.
  • Approach challenges from different and more efficient angles getting to the same results within half the time.
  • Build robust data bases, formulas and business models innovatively and efficiently.
  • Gain lifetime access and knowledge to course material and engage in exercise files.
  • An easy to understand walk through video of each and every facility within your Excel arsenal.
  • Master unique business modeling tips and tools that you won't find anywhere else!
  • Practice and understand dynamic formulas like SUMIFS, CHOOSE, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, Excel's D-Functions and many many more.
  • Mastering Macros, Pivot Tables, Hyperlinks, Goal Seek, Solver and Data Validation Lists.
  • Access a comprehensive list of 100+ Excel shortcut keys illustrating the before and after scenario.
  • Highly productive and engaging lessons from an experienced business modeler and Finance professional.


  • This course was created using Excel 2016 and Excel 2019. All tutorials will work in Excel 2010 - 2019, and most will work in 2007.
  • A computer or laptop with Microsoft Excel 2007-2019 or Microsoft 365 (Some techniques might not be available on Mac, or apply to all versions of Excel).
  • Basic knowledge of Excel is not covered in the course, however we'll review some essential formulas and functions throughout the course.
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Excel Business Modeling - The In-Depth Street Smart Toolkit.
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