ETL Testing - Tasks

ETL testing is done before data is moved into a production data warehouse system. It is sometimes also called as table balancing or production reconciliation. It is different from database testing in terms of its scope and the steps to be taken to complete this.

The main objective of ETL testing is to identify and mitigate data defects and general errors that occur prior to processing of data for analytical reporting.

ETL Testing – Tasks to be Performed

Here is a list of the common tasks involved in ETL Testing −

  • Understand the data to be used for reporting
  • Review the Data Model
  • Source to target mapping
  • Data checks on source data
  • Packages and schema validation
  • Data verification in the target system
  • Verification of data transformation calculations and aggregation rules
  • Sample data comparison between the source and the target system
  • Data integrity and quality checks in the target system
  • Performance testing on data
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