Estimating And Costing

Quantity Surveying/Estimating And Costing Of Civil Engineering Projects

  Mudessar Afraz

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Language - English Published on 09/2020


Welcome to Estimating And Costing online training course.

This course is a field oriented course and contains real examples and a full fledge real project for better understanding 

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to Estimate  Building Project,Earth Work ,Sewer line And Manhole.

Major Topics That We Will Learn In This Course:

  • · Estimate And Its Types

  • · How to Create Abstract Of Quantity And Abstract Of Cost In Excel

  • · Method Of Detailed Estimate

  • · Estimate Of I Wall L Wall T Wall F Wall E Wall H Wall U O And D Wall

  • · Estimate Of Two Room With Short Wall And Long Wall Method

  • · Estimate Of Two Rooms With Center-line Method

  • · Estimate Of Earth Work With Different Methods (Like Mean Area And Mean Depth Method )

  • · Road Estimate

  • · How To Find Out Material Like (Cement Sand Coarse Aggregates And Bricks

Rate Analysis Of Different Works:

  • Rate Analysis For Concrete 

  • Rate Analysis For Masonry Work

  • Rate Analysis For Plaster Work

  • Rate Analysis For Tile Work

  •  Rate Analysis For Paint Work

Sewer Line And Manhole 

  • · Estimate Of Sewer Line

  • · Estimate Of Manhole

  • · Estimate Of Soakage Pit

R.C.C Work

  • · Esitmate Of R.C.C Footing And Columns

  • · Estimate Of Beam And Slab

  • · Barbending Schedule Basics

  • · B.B.S For Foundation Columns Beams And Slab

Excel Training 

· Material Statement In Excel

· Excel Training For Beginners

What Will I Get ?

  • Estimating And Costing Of Civil Engineering Projects
  • Rough Cost Estimate
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Rate Analysis
  • Earth Work Estimate
  • Bar bending Schedule For Different Structures
  • Excel Training For Beginners


  • Basic Knowledge In Civil Engineering Projects

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