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Essential Git Quickstart for Beginners

Created by CRAIG DUNN, Last Updated 01-Sep-2020, Language:English

Essential Git Quickstart for Beginners

A Practical Introduction to Start Using Git Today

Created by CRAIG DUNN, Last Updated 01-Sep-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Understand the Basic Concepts of Version Control
  • Create Git Repositories
  • Work with Files in a Git Repository
  • Understand how Git Branches Work
  • Create a Simple Git Server using SSH
  • Work and Collaborate Using Remote Git Repositories


  • A Linux or Mac Computer (recommended), Windows Terminal also Supported


Get Started with Git Today.

Git is a powerful and complex set of tooling that enables developers to streamline their development workflow and collaborate on projects.  In this course we break down the fundamental essentials into an easy to follow set of lectures that will leave you comfortable with the core Git concepts and commands that will enable you to start working with Git within an hour!

We don't dive into the computer science aspects, all of the content in this course is practical and aimed at quickly enabling you to start being productive using Git.  With hands on examples and simple explanations you will understand Git in no time.  This course is not full of slides, I prefer to teach by example, not by bullet point.

This course is aimed at beginners looking for a quick and uncomplicated introduction to Git.

Topics Covered

  • Installing and Configuring Git
  • Creating our First Git Repository
  • Adding Files
  • Modifying, Deleting and Renaming Files
  • Looking at The Git Timeline
  • Working with Git Branches
  • Understand how to Deal With Merge Conflicts
  • Using Git Tags
  • Creating a Simple Git Server in Minutes with SSH
  • Working with Git Repositories

Course Content