Goal-setting Strategies

Goal setting is directly related with entrepreneurship. To get success, proper goal setting in personal and professional level is important. An entrepreneur does this by following proper strategy and implementation and not just by listing down what he wants to do. It demands an emotional and intellectual balance to be achieved successfully.

Listening to Your Emotions

It is very important to understand the emotional aspect of goal setting to achieve it. Emotions make a person who they are. Emotions affect a person’s health and work as well. Personal vision is important to achieve what you aim for. This can be done by the following ways −

  • Vision − A clear vision helps people have a goal and connect them with their convictions and emotions.

  • Recognize your values − Values show what you have learnt and those lessons will shape your future.

  • Consider your goals − Understand your goals and how you wish to achieve it.

  • Write it down − Note down your vision statement and visit it occasionally to check if some changes are to be made.

These simple habits can change the way you want to write your destiny and achieve what your goals are. It is important to understand your emotions and have a clear idea about them before explaining others what you actually want to others to see.

Prioritizing Goals based on Re-Gating

Sensory Gating is a process that the brain uses to adjust to stimuli. Our brain has a direct connection to filter out distracting stimuli and performance. Negative emotions like stress, anxiety and depression can switch the chemistry of the brain and limit the effectiveness of sensory gating.

Goal Setting

It is very important to set priorities. All your goals should be prioritized, so that you can focus on them accordingly. You should learn to maintain a proper balance in your life through personal values, visions and professional goals.

So, to prevent this imbalance, Re-Gating is important. This can be done by using some relaxing techniques like meditation which calms the mind and body and filter out distractions. It is better to try some relaxation techniques before goal setting to have a clear mind, so that it becomes easier to fulfill certain goals and objectives.


Goals and objectives motivate people and help them to work in the right direction. This helps them to focus on short term goals by giving them enough time to achieve them. In other words, the strategy for your goals should be SMART, which when elaborated in this context means −

  • Specific − The first thing is to be sure about your goals. Like imagining your goal for 10 minutes every day.

  • Measurable − Set a time by which you should probably reach your goal. Like becoming more productive and increasing some percent of productivity is not specific.

  • Attainable − Make goals that you can achieve within the given timeframe. For example, if you are thinking of doubling your salary within a month, it is not possible.

  • Relevant − The goals you aim should be like your situation. For example, a goal to increase production is not relevant for a person in sales.

  • Timely − Your goals should have a timeframe.

SMART is the best strategy one can plan to achieve goals and focus on the right direction. It is better to have short goals and work on them rather than having long term goals which cannot be attained in the upcoming future.

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