Engineering Drawing


  Mirza Hyder Baig

   Teaching & Academics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

  Language - English

   Published on 11/2019



This course is designed to suit Engineering Student or Diploma Students whose curriculum includes Engineering Drawing or Engineering Graphics. This is probably the best course available on the whole web as every question is explained and drawn by the instructor himself. Yes, you got it right, you just need to follow the instructor and draw simultaneously with him. This means you will have no doubt whatsoever to draw Engineering Drawings.

What Will I Get ?

  • Orthographic Projection
  • Projection Of Solids
  • Usage of Mini Drafter(Manual Drafting)
  • Imagine Isometric View from Orthographic Views and vice versa
  • Generate Front View Top View and Side View from Isometric View (3D to 2D views)
  • Section Of Solids
  • Be able to imagine Solids in HP & VP
  • Use of 2H Pencil, H Pencil and HB Pencil.
  • Conics- Ellipse, Parabola, Hyperbola & Circle.
  • Special Curves - Involutes,Cycloid, EpiCycloid and HypoCycloid.
  • Auxillary View/True Shape
  • Generate 3D Views (Section 7- Isometric Views) ....For Artists and Painters
  • Development Of Surfaces


  • You should be Enrolled in Engineering or Diploma school
  • You must have stationery such as Mini-drafter, pencils and erasers etc.
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