Embedded Systems with Mbed™ C on STM32 (Arm® Cortex M4)

Arm® Cortex M4, Sensors, Actuators, LEDs, Switches, GPIOs, PWM, ADC, LCD, Mbed™ C, STM32401RE Nucleo Board, Embedded

  Rahul Shrivastava

   Hardware, ARM Cortex-M

   Published on 11/2021



Learn Embedded C with Arm® Cortex M4 Microcontrollers!!

  • 5 Hours of Video Content.

  • 15 Hands-on Practicals

  • All Codes are available in the resources

  • Lecture Material (PDF / PPTs) are available in the resources


This course Demystifies the development of Embedded Systems. You will learn Mbed™ C programming to use inbuilt peripherals on the microcontroller to interface sensors, actuators, and Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD). You will learn to generate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Waveforms with variable duty cycle and frequency. Learn to use analog to digital converter (ADC) to gather data from analog sensors and display it to LCDs.

All the codes (C Programs) are available in resources along with the lecture material.

Major Topics Covered

  1. GPIOs: Learn to manipulate (Set/Reset) a particular bit of STM32 Microcontroller and also use it as an input pin.

  2. Pull-up Register: Learn the importance of pull-up resistors, enabling and disabling them, also learn to use them in interfacing digital sensors.

  3. Interrupts: Learn, how interrupts are handled in CPU? Also learn to write ISR and call them in an event of an interruption.

  4. Pulse Width Modulation: Learn to generate PWM waves with variable duty cycles and variable frequencies.

  5. Project 1: Learn to interface DC Motor using L293D Motor drive IC and control the speed and direction.

  6. Liquid Crystal Display:  Learn to interface LCDs with MCU using GPIOs.

  7. Analog to Digital Converter: Learn to interface analog sensors such as a potentiometer and LM35 Temperature sensor.

  8. Temperature Monitoring System: Learn to interface LM35 temperature sensor IC to read ambient temperature and display the same on LCD.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners curious to develop Embedded Systems around Microcontroller
  • Beginners curious to write and test Embedded (Mbed™) C Programs for Hardware

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn Mbed™ C with STM32F401RE Nucleo Board

  • Develop Embedded Systems with "ARM Cortex M4" powered "STM32" Microcontroller

  • Interface Sensors and Actuators with GPIOs

  • Demystify Interrupts

  • Generate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

  • Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC)

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCDs)


  • Able to use PC

  • STM32 Development Board, Preferably STM32F401RE Nucleo Board

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Embedded Systems with Mbed™ C on STM32 (Arm® Cortex M4)
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