ebXML - Summary

This brief tutorial covered the basics of ebXML and its various elements. We discussed the complete architecture of ebXML and how it provides consistent business semantics and a standard technical infrastructure for business exchanges. In addition, we covered how to put ebXML into use a real example.

From this tutorial we conclude:

  • ebXML is a worldwide project to standardize the exchange of electronic business data.

  • ebXML is a group of related specifications that covers analysis of Business Processes and Business Documents.

  • ebXML is to enable consistent, secure, and interoperable message exchange XML-based infrastructure.

  • ebXML is supported by hundreds of industry consortia, standards bodies, companies, and individuals from around the world.

What is Next?

Hope you have a basic understanding of ebXML. To help you learn more on this topic, we have supplied a list of useful links on our website from where you can collect more information on ebXML.

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