Twitter Marketing Tutorial

Twitter Marketing Tutorial

Simply Easy Learning

   Formats - PDF

   Pages - 69,      ISBN - TP00563

   Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Twitter Marketing

  Language - English

   Published on 02/2006



Twitter has a great potential to market products or services if one understands the nerves of marketing along with the features of Twitter. This tutorial explains the basic terms used in the domain of Twitter and provides an overview of how to use videos, images, and cards in Twitter to promote a business. 


This tutorial is going to help all those readers who would like to make a career in online marketing or digital marketing. It will also help novice entrepreneurs who want to promote their business through social media. 


We assume the readers of this tutorial have an understanding of basic marketing concepts. In addition, the readers should have a keen interest towards engaging in social media constructively. Enthusiasm and commanding communication skills are a plus.

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