The Modern Trusted Advisor

Best Practices for High Value Executive Consultation

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The best and the brightest use advisors and experts. In fact, one could say that they are the best and the brightest because they utilized trusted advisors throughout their careers.

Whether in business, sports, entertainment, academia, or politics–expert help is a fundamental enabler of success. That means that the demand for expert advice will grow and the competition will increase for such help. This isn’t a matter of “certificates” and “universities,” it’s a matter of specific skills and behavioral sets that create a trusting bond and reliance. Trusted advisors are beyond coaches—they are comprehensive resources and supporters.

The Modern Trusted Advisor employs important mastery traits, such as subordinating ego, applying shared experiences, and managing emotional, mental, and intellectual health. We are entering a world of “no normal” today and leaders must inspire others daily.

This is the book that prepares you to inspire those leaders.

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The Modern Trusted Advisor
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