Test Your Skills in Python

Test Your Skills in Python

Second Edition: An interactive way to introduce the world of Computer Programming

   Formats - PDF

   Pages - 303

   ISBN - 9789355511812

   Computer Science, Python, Software Development Tools

  Language - English

   Published on 05/2022



This book contains to-the-point theory followed by questions about programming skills in Python. It provides an active and structured way of learning Python. The readers can test their learning by attempting MCQs, True/False questions, and questions about finding the output in a code, identifying the error and much more. The explanations of the answers provide detailed information about the concepts tested. All topics in Python are divided into 16 chapters in this book. These includes Syntax, Input-output, Data types, Strings, Operators and Expressions, Decision Control Statements, Loops, Functions, Lists, Dictionaries, Sets, Tuples, Classes, Files, Graphics, Arrays and Databases. More than 1000 questions are included for all the topics.

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