SQL Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions

A complete question bank to crack your ANN SQL interview with real-time examples

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Pages : 306

ISBN : 9789389328462

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Let us break the SQL interview with the help of SQL Server interview questions.

Key Features

● Database Basic Concepts
● SQL Fundamentals
● DDMS, SQL Statements, and Clauses
● SQL Operators, Datatypes, and Keywords
● SQL Functions, Wildcards and Dates
● SQL Joins and CASE Statement
● SQL DDL, DCL, and DTL Statements
● SQL Stored procedures, Triggers, Views, and Transactions
● SQL Keys, Indexes, Injection, and Constraints
● SSRS, SSIS, SQL Cloud database (Azure), and JSON Support
● New features of SQL 2016, 2017, and 2019
● SQL Performance Improvement Tips
● Fuzzy Interview Questions and Answers


This book gives you a complete idea about the SQL database. It starts from a very basic concept like what is a database, its usage, types, creation, and data storage, security, sorting, and searching for a stored procedure. This book is a complete set of interview breaking questions and answers with live examples and plenty of screenshots. This book takes you on a journey to mastering the SQL database, including SQL datatypes, functions, triggers, and stored procedures. This book also covers the latest and new features of SQL 2016, 2017 and 2019 CTP with examples.
In the beginner section, we start with very basic concepts like what is a database, why to use a database, different types of database types, what is SQL, its usages, advantage and disadvantages, SQL datatypes, its different operators and how to use them with samples.
In the intermediate section, we will learn about the different SQL functions, SQL Joins (used to fetch values from multiple SQL tables) and SQL DDL, DCL, and DTL commands.

What will you learn

After reading this book, you will be able to understand SQL database concepts, handle core database activities like data security, searching, migration, and sorting. You will be able to handle the database transactions, use different SQL datatypes, functions, triggers, and stored procedures to save and retrieve data from the database. You will also be able to understand advanced SQL concepts like SQL reporting services, integration services, cloud database and new features from the latest SQL versions like 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Who this book is for

This book is built in such a way that it is useful for all categories such as technical or non-technical readers. This book is perfect. If you are a fresher and you want to learn about SQL, or if you are a teacher and you want to spread SQL knowledge, this book is very helpful. If you want to crack the database interview or if you are working as a DBA and you want to upgrade your knowledge, or if you are backend developer, database tester, performance optimizer, or if your role is that of a database admin, SQL developer, data analyst, mobile app developer or if you are working on core SQL concepts, this book is just right for you.
This book is very useful as it contains many simple real-time scenarios for each concept. All functionalities are explained with real SQL screenshots and database records.

Table of Contents

1. Database and SQL Basics
2. DDMS SQL Statements and Clauses
3. SQL Operators, Keywords, and Datatypes
4. SQL Operators
5. SQL Functions, Wildcards, and Dates
6. SQL Joins and CASE Statement
7. SQL DDL, DCL, and DTL Statements
8. SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views, and Transactions
9. SQL Keys, Indexes, Injections, and Constraints
10. SSRS, SSIS, SQL Cloud database (Azure), and JSON Support
11. New features of SQL 2016, 2017, and 2019
12. SQL Performance Improvement Tips and Fuzzy Interview Questions

SQL Interview Questions

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BPB Publications

BPB Publications

BPB is Asia's largest publishers of Computer & IT books. For the last 63 years BPB has been a friend, philosopher and guide for programmers, developers, hardware technicians, IT Professionals who have made things happen in the IT World.

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