SignalR on .NET 6 - the Complete Guide

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SignalR on .NET 6 - the Complete Guide

The easiest way to enable real-time two-way HTTP communication on .NET 6

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Are you a web developer or do you write Internet of things (IoT) software? If so, you would know that many web and IoT development projects these days require the ability to establish a persistent connection between a client and a server without having to keep sending repeated requests from the client. For example, a user of a live chat would want to know in real time that they have received a new message. Or an IoT device may need to be sent a command in real time.

As you may also know, such functionality may be hard to implement. However, if you can build your server-side application on ASP.NET Core, there is a way to make this whole process easy. There is a library called SignalR, which is included in ASP.NET Core.

SignalR doesn't only enable you to achieve real-time two-way communication between applications. It also substantially simplifies the process of enabling all of this in the code. Under the hood, it uses various two-way communication protocols, such as WebSocket. However, it abstracts away all the implementation complexity of these protocols. To the developer, working with this library will mostly consists of writing simple and easily readable statements.

In this book, we will cover everything you would need to know about using SignalR on .NET 6, so you will see how to integrate it with the the latest features on ASP.NET Core 6 and C# 10. We will cover much more than you can find in the official documentation of the library. For example, you will learn how to connect a plain WebSocket client to it, which may help you to write a client in a language that isn't officially supported. Likewise, we will cover many concepts that aren't directly related to SignalR, but are important to its production-ready implementation. These would include single sign-on, certificate authorization, logging, metrics and scaling out. By the end of this book, you would be able to identify the situations where SignalR is the best tool for the job and you would be fully able to implement it.

SignalR on .NET 6 - the Complete Guide

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Author Details

Fiodar Sazanavets

Fiodar Sazanavets

Lead software engineer, blogger, coding mentor

Fiodar is an experienced full-stack lead software engineer who mainly works with Microsoft software development stack. The main areas of his expertise include ASP.NET (Framework and Core), SQL Server, Azure, Docker, Internet of Things (IoT), microservices architecture and various front-end technologies.

Fiodar has built his software engineering experience while working in a variety of industries, including water engineering, financial, retail, railway and defence. He has played a leading role in various projects and, as well as building software, his duties included performing architectural and design tasks. He has also performed a variety of technical duties on clients' sites, such as in-house software development and deployment of both software and IoT hardware.

Fiodar is passionate about teaching other people programming skills. He has published a number of programming courses on various online platforms. He has also written and reviewed a number of technical books.

Fiodar regularly writes about software development on his personal website, Scientific Programmer. He has also published a number of articles on other websites.

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