Rust Web Programming

A hands-on guide to developing fast and secure web apps with the Rust programming language

About the Book

Adopt the Rust programming language by learning how to build fully functional web applications and services and address challenges relating to safety and performance

Key Features

  • Build scalable web applications in Rust using popular frameworks such as Actix, Rocket, and Warp
  • Create front-end components that can be injected into multiple views
  • Develop data models in Rust to interact with the database

Book Description

Are safety and high performance a big concern for you while developing web applications?

While most programming languages have a safety or speed trade-off, Rust provides memory safety without using a garbage collector. This means that with its low memory footprint, you can build high-performance and secure web apps with relative ease.

This book will take you through each stage of the web development process, showing you how to combine Rust and modern web development principles to build supercharged web apps.

You'll start with an introduction to Rust and understand how to avoid common pitfalls when migrating from traditional dynamic programming languages. The book will show you how to structure Rust code for a project that spans multiple pages and modules. Next, you'll explore the Actix Web framework and get a basic web server up and running. As you advance, you'll learn how to process JSON requests and display data from the web app via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll also be able to persist data and create RESTful services in Rust. Later, you'll build an automated deployment process for the app on an AWS EC2 instance and Docker Hub. Finally, you'll play around with some popular web frameworks in Rust and compare them.

By the end of this Rust book, you'll be able to confidently create scalable and fast web applications with Rust.

What you will learn

  • Structure scalable web apps in Rust in Rocket, Actix Web, and Warp
  • Apply data persistence for your web apps using PostgreSQL
  • Build login, JWT, and config modules for your web apps
  • Serve HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from the Actix Web server
  • Build unit tests and functional API tests in Postman and Newman
  • Deploy the Rust app with NGINX and Docker onto an AWS EC2 instance

Who this book is for

This book on web programming with Rust is for web developers who have programmed in traditional languages such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java and are looking to develop high-performance web applications with Rust. Although no prior experience with Rust is necessary, a solid understanding of web development principles and basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are required if you want to get the most out of this book.

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Author Details

Maxwell Flitton is a Software Engineer who works at a financial tech company called Monolith AI. In 2011, Maxwell achieved his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Lincoln, UK. While working 12 hours shifts in the A and E departments of hospitals, Maxwell obtained another degree in Physics from The Open University in the UK and then moved one to another milestone, with a Postgrad Diploma in Physics and Engineering in Medicine from UCL in London. He developed an open source machine learning deployment software called DeployML which can be downloaded via pip and occasionally he teaches computational medicine at Imperial College London every now and then.

Rust Web Programming
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