RDBMS In-Depth

RDBMS In-Depth

Mastering SQL and PL/SQL Concepts, Database Design, ACID Transactions, and Practice Real Implementation of RDBM


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Formats : PDF, EPUB (Downlodable)

Pages : 296

ISBN : 9788194837701

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Understanding and implementing the database management systems concepts in SQL and PL/SQL

Key Features

  • Practice SQL concepts by writing queries and perform your own data visualization and analysis.
  • Gain insights on Entity Relationship Model and how to implement in your business environment.
  • Series of question banks and case-studies to develop strong hold on RDBMS concepts.


Relational Database Management Systems In-Depth brings the fundamental concepts of database management systems to you in more elaborated learning with conceptual clarity of RDBMS.

This book brings an extensive coverage of theoretical concepts on types of databases, concepts of relational database management systems, normalization and many more. You will explore exemplification of Entity Relational Model concepts that would teach the readers to design accurate business systems. Backed with a series of examples, you can practice the fundamental concepts of RDBMS and SQL queries including Oracle’s SQL queries, MySQL and SQL Server.

In addition to the illustration of concepts on SQL, there is an implementation of crucial business rules using PL/SQL based stored procedures and database triggers.Finally, by the end of this book there is a mention of the useful data oriented technologies like Big Data, Data Lake etc and the crucial role played by such techniques in the current data driven decisions.

Throughout the book, you will come across key learnings and key terms that will help you to understand and revise the concepts learned. Along with this, you will also come across questions and case studies by the end of every chapter to prepare for job interviews and certifications.

What you will learn

  • Depiction of Entity Relationship Model with various business case studies.
  • Illustration of the normalization concept to make the database stronger and consistent.
  • Designing the successful client-server applications using PL/SQL concepts.
  • Learning the concepts of OODBS and Database Design with Normalization and Relationships.
  • Knowing various techniques regarding Big Data technologies like Hadoop, MapReduce and MongoDB.

Who this book is for

This book is meant for academicians, students, developers and administrators including beginners and readers experienced in some other programming languages and database systems.

Table of Contents

1. Database Systems Architecture

2. Database Management System Models

3. Relational query languages

4. Relational Database Design

5. Query Processing and Optimization

6. Transaction Processing

7. Implementation Techniques

8. SQL Concepts

9. PL/SQL Concepts

10. Collections in PL/SQL

11. What Next ?

RDBMS In-Depth

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BPB Publications

BPB Publications

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