ISO 26262 Critical Capabilities

ISO 26262 Critical Capabilities


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   Risk Management, Critical Capabilities

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   Published on 08/2022



 Ensure you are able to gather appropriate, often complex, data and diagnose the cause of a problem before taking action; separate causes from symptoms; apply lessons learned from others who encountered similar problems or challenges; anticipate problems and develop contingency plans to deal with them; develop and evaluate alternative courses of action. 

Provide program leadership and development to help meet and provide safety critical device level deliverables, obligations, assessments, and where applicable, third party functional safety certification liaison support.   


  • Understand how failures propagate through the system.
  • Reduce the likelihood of the risk.
  • Measure functional safety.
  • Motivate a team to build a functional and correct system in a limited time.
  • Enter (or approach) the standard.
  • Build a safe software architecture on this basis.
  • Keep the different kinds of safety related requirements consistent.
  • Specify the goals to achieve safety.
  • Measure safety improvement.
  • Mitigate the impact of errors.


  • The Art of Service has identified hundreds of ISO 26262 critical capabilities and use cases to assess and compare, or prepare for, your assessment results. Leaders should select a result that best aligns with their business needs before implementing a solution.
  • The Art of Service's Critical Capabilities evaluates hundreds of results to help with the outcome selection process.
  • This Critical Capabilities report will enable leaders to shortlist hundreds of appropriate results across the seven RDMAICS typical use cases, this research will help guide leaders' choices.
  • This Analysis will help you plan your ISO 26262 roadmap.

Table Of Contents


What You Need to Know


  • Recognize results
  • Define results
  • Measure results
  • Analyze results
  • Improve results
  • Control results
  • Sustain results

The Art of Service Methodology

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