Innovative Computing for Green Technologies

Potential Path for Improved Livlihood

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Innovative Computing for Green Technologies aims to introduce the latest technologies and promote international collaborations across the scientific community and, eventually, the general public. It consists of 3 sections. Each section explores how technologies give real-time responses to current environmental, technological, social and economic challenges, which can be beneficial in reducing carbon emissions, improving resource utilization, promoting active engagement of citizens and a sustainable environment.

Multi-layer provincial system of innovation is made up of digital networks, individual intellectual capital and the social capital of the city, which together constitute collective intelligence. Economic competitiveness and innovation achieved through the knowledge-based economy mark a city as intelligent, allowing it to generate a ‘spatial competitive advantage’ through industrial districts, regions and learning clusters supported by digital networks and artificial intelligence.

A technophile will love this book as it presents the solution to face challenges and advanced concepts to make technology more feasible.

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Aryan Chaudhary - He is the research head and the lead member of the research project launched by Nijji Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. He focuses on implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, IoT(Internet Of Things), cognitive technology, and the blockchain to better the healthcare sector.

Innovative Computing for Green Technologies
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