HTML & CSS_ Designing and Building Web Sites

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HTML & CSS_ Designing and Building Web Sites

HTML,CSS,Web sites


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ISBN : 978-1-118-00818-8

Edition : 2011

Language : English

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Welcome everyone to this comprehensive course on two essential computer languages: HTML and CSS.

The purpose of this tutorial is to explore the different features of HTML and CSS and to teach you how to use them step by step.

HTML and CSS are basic web languages; we therefore generally start with their learning because they are quite easy to understand and because they are essential.

This course is not just a simple stack of knowledge: the idea is on the contrary to accompany you as much as possible so that you understand what each notion corresponds to, when to use this element of language rather than another, how to fit together the different language elements and the languages together so that at the end of the course you are completely autonomous and know how to solve relatively complex problems.

The course is intended to be progressive in the complexity of the concepts and is therefore intended for everyone, from the most perfect beginners to people who already have a computer background.

In this course, we will focus on the latest stable versions of these languages, namely HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML & CSS_ Designing and Building Web Sites

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Adil Jbili

Adil Jbili

Android Apps developpment,web design, WordPress developer, website construction, Films Editing, Video Editing, Films Maker, Filmora video maker
Information systems engineer, information systems audit. I am now working on the creation of websites under wordpress and web requests such as SAAS .... and also the creation of applications under android studio I have a master's degree in computer engineering with an experience that touches many specialties such as I master web design and java programming in an android studio other areas that I master such as the specialty of video editing with wondershare filmora and photo editing with Adobe photoshop Cs6 and Adobe Spark and many specialties that you will discover in my next courses

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