HSK 1 Chinese Grammar 2021 Edition (2023 Updates)

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Chinese Grammar is a concept that has been borrowed from Western languages, and in certain senses, Chinese grammar does not exist. The greatest truths are often the simplest, and this holds true for Chinese grammar as well. Simply put, Chinese grammar involves the construction of character sequences, similar to the way LEGO bricks are assembled. I refer to this approach as my "LEGOO Mandarin" method. However, in a more complex sense, Chinese grammar can be quite challenging. In this book, I will present the simplest truths in my own way, and by following my guidance, you will be able to quickly master Chinese grammar and also learn some reading skills that will prove useful in future exams. 

The first edition of this book was printed in 2011, and many students have since referred to it as a "life-saver" for their exams. This book provides a quick revision guide for upcoming exams such as GCSE Chinese, IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese, SAT Chinese, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test), and YCT (Youth Chinese Test). We highly recommend it for your Exam Success in 2023!


  • The concept of Chinese grammar is different from Western grammar in some ways. The author presents a simple approach to Chinese grammar, which involves constructing character sequences like assembling LEGO bricks, and refers to this as the "LEGOO Mandarin" method. The book offers guidance on mastering Chinese grammar and reading skills for various exams, such as GCSE Chinese, IGCSE Chinese, IB Chinese, SAT Chinese, HSK, and YCT. We highly recommend it for your Exam Success in 2023!
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David Yao, the founder of www.LegooMandarin.com and Educational Video Courses Online (www.Edeo.biz), born in china, resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, holding Master degree from University Malaya, has 26 years’ experience in mandarin teaching for foreigners and creating a SYSTEM (more than 200 mandarin courses ) designed for foreigners to study Chinese as secondary language. He expands his interest and expertise to English and Malaysian Language, editing a series of trilingual textbooks and vocabulary books. He practices Tai Chi for almost 30 years and establishes Tai Chi Fitness Organization (http://taichifitness.org/) to modernize and promote Tai Chi for fitness and health.

HSK 1 Chinese Grammar 2021 Edition (2023 Updates)
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