Guided Meditation & Self-Healing

Meditation and Holistic healing

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Meditation is the Inner Journey to connect with the Higher forces, Meditation is the process of travelling from Physical to subtle world, Meditation is the divine act to connect with the divine himself, Meditation is not a mere physical act of closing eyes and chanting a mantra or maintaining silence! It’s much deeper and subtle. For me, Meditation is the act of transition from Physical to Subtle. It’s an inward journey away from the senses towards the real-self, the Soul. It’s a sacred process of trying to connect with our real parent. It’s a process of unification of self with the rest of the universe.

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Hi, I am Ragavendrra Saatvik, NLP Practitioner & Life Coach I Numerologist I Holistic Healer I Guided Meditation Teacher I Author I was into Corporate trainings till 2nd Wave of Corona Virus and after seeing and personally experiencing the devastating effects of the Corona Virus, I have decided to spend rest of my Helping and Healing people around the World. So, I have discovered the purpose of my Life in early 2021 but did not know how I am going to accomplish this noble and sacred purpose. Even though I was practicing meditation and yoga regularly for the past 10 years or so, I could not find How. So, I have gone deeper inside me, started the Inner journey and that helped me find the "How", and the answer is I need not worry about How and How will unfold itself in front me with the help of the Universe. That is exactly what is happening in my life for the past 1 year. I have learnt and started practicing different kinds of deep meditation techniques like Chakra Meditation, Aura Meditation etc. Then I learnt different Healing Techniques like Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Panchakosha Healing etc. from an expert. Then, I Learnt Numerology and with the help of my Mentor and my own extensive research and experience shared by my clients , I have studied Advance Numerology in greater depth and written my first book on Numerology. After that I have published four more books on Meditation, Healing and NLP (Neurolinguistics programming). I have learnt Advance Neurolinguistics programming which has helped me become a Life Coach. As I said earlier, once I came to know 'What' is my Purpose of life, I surrendered myself to the purpose and left the 'How" part to the Universe, Universe is hand holding me like a father holds the hand of his child and helping me move in the direction of my Purpose which is to help & heal at least 1 lakh people directly in the next 10 years through Coaching and training and more through writings, videos, blogs, posts etc. I feel blessed that God and Universe has chosen me as one of his medium to make the society and world a better, healthier and wealthier place to live.

Guided Meditation & Self-Healing
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