Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide

Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide

Get Tips to Boost Your Traffic and Sales Using Google Analytics


This eBook includes

Formats : EPUB, PDF (Downlodable)

Pages : 190

ISBN : 9789389845624

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Leverage Google Analytics to make data-driven decisions to shape your marketing strategy

Key Features

● Learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports.
● Understand the working of the Google Analytics platform.
● Understanding ‘Traffic Sources’ in Google Analytics.
● Learn how to use Segments in Google Analytics.
● Understand how Cross-Device reporting works in Google Analytics.


This book will help you learn everything that you need to know about Google Analytics. We will start by setting up the account and updating the settings. Then, we will go through the main reports in Google Analytics will dive deep into the analysis. We will then analyze the users, their behavior, and their sources. This analysis will improve your business and website results. We will also go through the fundamentals of relating Google Analytics data to your marketing strategy. We will explore live examples of analysis with real Ecommerce data and learn approaches to analyze our data. At the end of the book, we will go through the Conversions section in Google Analytics. By the end of the book, you will be able to make informative decisions based on data related to your website visitors.

What will you learn

● Learn how to set-up a Google Analytics account.
● Understand how to read all the reports in Google Analytics.
● Perform complex analysis based on the data in the reports.
● Learn how to relate the Google Analytics data to your marketing strategy.
● Read and analyze Conversion reports based on real Ecommerce data.

Who this book is for

This book is designed for business owners and webmasters who want to use Google Analytics to make better decisions and improve their sales.

Table of Contents

1. Google Analytics Step-by-step setup.
2. Google Analytics reports explained.
3. 7P’s of Marketing and Google Analytics.
4. Your audience – your business.
5. The heartbeat of the Google Analytics: Acquisition & Behavior Reports.
6. Conversions. The final goal.

Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide

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BPB Publications

BPB Publications

BPB is Asia's largest publishers of Computer & IT books. For the last 63 years BPB has been a friend, philosopher and guide for programmers, developers, hardware technicians, IT Professionals who have made things happen in the IT World.

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