Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

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Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Direct to the point, concise and simple methods of understanding Financial Accounting and Reporting!


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Accounting and Finance serves as the backbone or skeleton of every business. Without them, a business may crumble because there is no strong foundation that will review and evaluate the financial situation or status of the company. Accounting and finance also determines the direction the company will go to – whether they will continue operating in the normal course of business, whether they will make expansion, or whether they will stop operations.

Now, this is a very practical and direct to the point course that will teach every students, - beginners or non-beginners, the basic of financial accounting in terms of how to record day to day transactions , how to form financial reports based on recorded transactions, and how to analyze financial reports in making useful and practical business decisions. 

Included also in this course topical manuals and exercises that will help every students to hone their knowledge and be confident in the world of accounting and finance themselves, whether as an individual or as a professional as well. 

This will also be helpful in paving their way to a role of Financial Analyst. A Financial Analyst is a professional whose line of specialization is all about Financial Analysis. Financial Analysis on the other hand deals with the review of financial statements and creating reasonable financial projections based on the financial results.

Being a Financial Analyst is really a very crucial role since he or she serves as the company’s consultant as well as financial advisor. Whenever there is something that goes wrong with the company’s financial result, they tend to troubleshoot the problem and advise the business unit leaders every step of the way on how to bounce back on their business. They also serve as a navigator of the company on which direction to go to, in case of possible expansion. They anticipate future market or financial risk and also do a cost and benefit analysis for the company’s favor in reference to their future plans and going concern principle. Being a Financial Analyst, a person must have a very good training and experience when it comes to Financial Analysis. They must have a broad knowledge about Accounting and how a Fairly Presented Financial Statement works and how to use the derive information towards decision making of the company.

Meanwhile, if you are someone who is not interested in a financial analyst role, what is financial analysis significance to you? Well, having a financial know-how on Financial analysis is really a very big advantage even a person is not on pursuit on becoming a financial analyst. Financial Analysis is very useful in performing a business since accounting and finance serves as the business’ backbone. It is a foundational framework of a business, and without it, businesses are blind on anticipating their risk and returns and also they have exactly no knowledge on what decision they will gonna make that benefits the company most. Individually, financial analysis helps us to manage our finances in such a way that we will learn how to do budget projections when it comes to monitoring our recurring and emergency expenditures, and it also helps us to track our cash flows.

You see, financial analysis is very useful not only in business but also in our personal financial management, thus, learning it is a very big advantage for us.

In learning Financial Analysis, we will of course go back to Accounting and Finance topics, but on a much more deeper and broader perspective.

What's unique in this course?

The course is simply very direct to the point and explanations are very CONCISE and SIMPLE. This makes it easy and quick to understand even if you are a beginner.


  • Learn Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Learn How to Create Financial Statements
  • Learn How to Use Financial Statement Results in Business Decision Making
  • Learn How to Make Financial Projections
Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

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Madellene Kong Penaflor

Madellene Kong Penaflor

Christian Author | Blogger | Business Consultant | Educator

Madellene Peñaflor obtained her Master of Business Administration degree at Singapore Business School. She is also a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  As a Christian herself, she loves to share her faith through writing and is an avid blogger of topics about faith, family, hope, life and love. With more than 5 years of experience in Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting and Executive/Administrative Assistant Roles, she hopes to share her knowledge and experiences to other young people all over the world. 

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