Adapt And Maintain Enthusiasm In Adversity

Using The 5-Step F.A.C.TS. Process To Find Your Strength And Enthusiasm To Succeed

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Throughout history, there have been many stories displaying the undeniable power of the human mind to succeed in adversity. Is there a common element in each of these ground-breaking stories? The answer is, YES! Enthusiasm is the core component that drives success. Want to learn and obtain enthusiasm for yourself? Fox Beyer has created a 5 step process for you to adapt and maintain enthusiasm, called F.A.C.T.S. 

The first step in this adaptive process is understanding that the (F) failures that will undoubtedly accompany the journey to success do not define us.  Instead of harping on failures, and practicing traits such as resilience, gratefulness, humility and integrity, we are able to tap into our enthusiasm during times of struggle.  Thus, failures transform themselves into learning experiences, and hardships are simply pit stops on the road to success.

 Next, by embracing our (A) authenticity, we are able to show our quirks and insecurities instead of wasting enthusiasm on trying to mask them.  By simply being ourselves, we begin to establish a mindset of winning tranquility; one that can adapt to changing situations with both ease and rock-solid assurance. Additionally, by showing our vulnerabilities, we encourage others to do the same, thereby strengthening the team around us.  

As we navigate life’s peaks and valleys with a unique approach, (C) comparisons to others must be avoided. Unfair and often unrealistic, they are enthusiasm-sucking leeches.  Instead, by directing our energy toward developing our own version of others’ admirable character traits, we don’t destroy our enthusiasm, we strengthen it.

 Bolstered on the rocky road to success with the courage to be ourselves, (T) turning off noise further fills our enthusiasm's cup. Silence is rest that gives us the fuel to perform optimally in times of change.  By integrating the practice of silence into our daily routines, we calmly devise ways to perform more efficiently and productively in spite of circumstances out of our control. 

While we can develop and generate enthusiasm within our own minds, obstacles and adversity cannot be faced alone. By (S) spending time with people we trust, our adaptive skills and enthusiasm can further be strengthened.  Those we trust listen, encourage, and challenge us, thereby enhancing our ability to navigate challenges- WITH ENTHUSIASM! 

Read this book and get the F.A.C.T.S.! 

You’ll be ready when the $h*t hits the fan.

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Adapt And Maintain Enthusiasm In Adversity
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