Ace Your Job Search

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Ace Your Job Search

Strategies To Succeed Where Other Job Seekers Fail


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About the Book

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My book "Acing Your Job Search" has been critically acclaimed, rated in the top 10 job-search books 2 years in a row. It has also been rated among the top job-search books of all time by a curated list of reviewers, including Simon Sinek.

Read some editorial reviews:

The book is an encyclopedia of career development! It has the A-Z of career journey. I viewed it in the lens of an internationally educated professional and I am convinced that you did a detailed job.
- Charlotte Anyango Ong'ang'a, Ph.D., Career Development Specialist, University of Calgary

Acing Your Job Search is the perfect reference tool for anyone. Whether you are just getting started in your job search or need tips on how to master an interview, this book has it all covered! It is easy to navigate and packed tons of value. It's like having a personal mentor walking you through all the steps and strategies to landing your ideal job!
- Jill Quartz, ACC, ICF Certified Personal Development & Career Coach

I really like your section about body language and it gives insights that I discuss with my students. I think it's helpful that you tell people what you are looking for when you do interviews. Good luck with your book.
- Dave Kent, Associate Director Of Career Services at New York Institute of Technology - Vancouver

This all-in-one job-search manual provides a candidate's point of view.
Typically, books offering advice about job searches are written by recruiters or human resources professionals. In contrast, this debut is the work of someone who, over the course of 15 years, "attended more than thirty-five interviews" with little success. Mapleton learned what he did wrong and eventually found a good position. Now he has turned his experience into a handy guide to help other job seekers. The book begins by covering some basic information about types of jobs and the hunt for a position while employed versus unemployed. Next are two perspectives on the job search through the eyes of a recruiter and a hiring manager, each of whom offers valuable advice. One of the strongest sections of the manual, "Body Language Basics," supplies an instructive overview accompanied by uncredited color photographs of various facial, hand, and body positions. The remainder of the work is divided into three "phases": "Preparation," "Moving Forward," and "Foot in the Door." Mapleton addresses job descriptions, resumes, cover letters, the oft-overlooked thank-you notes, and "the elevator pitch" in Phase 1; job boards, LinkedIn, recruiters, fairs, and networking in Phase 2; and interviews in Phase 3. The interviewing phase, likely the most crucial, is especially rich in detail. It covers in-person, video, and telephone interviews; delivers worthy suggestions for how to answer numerous queries, and includes typical "trick questions." In combination, these three phases constitute a comprehensive approach to searching for a job from start to finish. While much of this information could probably be found elsewhere, it is beneficial to have it consolidated in one book. The content is logically organized; examples are liberally sprinkled throughout; and the author's writing style is clear and conversational. In addition, Mapleton includes some very helpful tips presented from the job seeker's point of view, such as describing specific "microexpressions" (facial expressions that represent each emotion) and noting a particular "selling method" that can enhance a candidate's desirability to a hiring manager.
A thorough, useful resource for job seekers.
- Kirkus Reviews

Your book is easy to read and very clear. I particularly appreciated your inclusion of Canadian recruiting companies and how to operate at a Job Fair - good advice for all those young professionals looking for the right employer. Well done.
- Judith McLean, Human Skills Coach / Trainer, HiQ Training and Consulting

You have hit the mark for thoroughly explaining "how to" improve one's job search performance for new grads or seasoned professionals alike. It's very detailed and comprehensive; a quality you have obviously have capitalized on from your engineering background. It's a superb book for any job seeker or career advisor. Well done!
- Don Stewart, Job Search and Career Planning Specialist

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your new book, "Acing Your Job Search". Overall, I liked the book base on these three elements 1) Identifying your skills, 2) Creating the tools you require to be successful in job search, 3) Creating SMART Goals, whether in life or creating a process for your job search. It was great that you covered how to read a job description, some of the pertinent questions in interviews and how to answer the questions for a positive outcome. And presenting yourself is not only visual but non-verbal expression of who you are, and how you can bring the elements to synchronize in your goal of achieving employment. Honesty is always the best policy. Hidden elements in the job search process like ATS, making sure you get others to proof your tools, and resources to help you in your search.
- Marsha Field, Author, Career and Life Coach, Seneca College

"Acing Your Job Search" is one of the best books I have read that offers advice about job search strategies. I highly recommend this book to job seekers.
- Jaya S, Human Resources Business Partner at Vecima Networks Inc.

I feel there is a strong need for this information...very relevant, especially in this war for talent. Individuals wanting to stand out during the job search and interview process need to step up their approach and be aware of their impact. Your book helps with these concepts and techniques.
I think it will be very relevant to add a section on video/virtual interviewing. This is how interviews are currently being conducted and i suspect it may continue beyond the pandemic. Take your time developing this section of your book...there is research being conducted on our brains in a virtual setting, the fact that we do not have full access to non-verbal language because we just see half of people's bodies makes us working harder to decode the message. 55% of communication is body langage! So the fact that we don't have full access is a disadvantage. So we need to compensate with tone of voice, words and hand expressions.
- Ann Demers, Career, Leadership and Certified Integral Development Coach at A.D. Coaching and CareerJoy

I really liked the content, very relatable and relevant. It is very precise and on the right side. This book could be a first guide for newcomers and could actually give them glimpses of areas where they need to focus more.
- Urvashi Sharma, CDP, MHFA, Career Coach, MOSAIC, Surrey BC


If you find yourself facing any of these problems, then this course is for you.

  1. You don't know how to create a resume, cover letter, or thank you notes

  2. Even if you have a resume, you are not getting called for interviews

  3. You are facing rejections after interviews and you don't know why

  4. You don't hear back from recruiters, hiring managers, or anyone who might have been initially interested

  5. You just "wing it" at job fairs, not knowing that there are actual strategies that can help you land jobs


This book was written by someone who was once a struggling job seeker, who clearly understands the pain-points of job seekers and has invested thousands of hours on personal and professional development.

Every chapter in the book targets one specific issue for job seekers. It builds up as it moves forward, so you start with how to create a resume and other documents. By combining the strategies taught in the course and the tasks you should accomplish as you progress through the class, you will be well positioned to not only conduct an effective job search, but also strategize your interview and give it the best chance at success.

Most classes are taught by career coaches or HR people; however, I was a job seeker who failed several job interviews before identifying and solving the issues to become a successful interviewee. I have not failed an interview since 2011, and have also helped many candidates achieve success through targeted coaching.


  • Goals to help you create your elevator pitch, resume, cover letter, thank you notes, and other documents
  • Specific strategies on how to influence your interviewers, how to succeed at job fairs, and so on
  • The only course with a comprehensive section on body language in interviews
  • Learn to answer most of the difficult HR interview questions
  • Understanding what hiring managers and recruiters want, and tailoring your resume to their needs
  • Create a complete set of documents needed for effective job search and interviewing
  • Build an elevator pitch
  • Understand the basics of body language and micro expressions, and how to use nonverbal communication effectively
  • Influence your interviewers and create a relationship that will maximize your chances of being hired
  • Build your responses in one of many ways, such as the FUJI method, STAR method, and Six Sigma method
  • How to answer many of the most difficult HR interview questions.
Ace Your Job Search

eBook Preview

Author Details

Ram Sundar

Ram Sundar

As an empath and an INTJ, I have invested time and effort into continuously developing myself professionally and personally.

I live in Toronto, Ontario. I speak seven languages, practice martial arts, play sports, can play two musical instruments, and actively invest in my future, while also helping others build theirs.

I am a licensed Professional Engineer, business growth specialist and mentor, and body language coach, and I help at-risk youth complete their school and prepare for success in college and beyond. I run a successful business and have helped several job seekers achieve success in interviews using body language.

I also practice martial arts, play the guitar, sing, and ride a motorcycle.

Follow me on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook at @roymapleton.

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