Django Full Stack Web Development & Deployment to Production

Learn how to create, deploy, and scale fully functional Full-Stack production-ready apps FAST

Course Description

In this course, I'd like to give you everything I know about developing a full stack mobile-friendly web application using PyCharm, Django, and Bootstrap combined with Django templates, we will tap the power of amazing and free internet resources in abundance for any project requirements. 

Learn full stack web development using a high-level python-based web framework - Django, using a model-template-views (MTV) architectural pattern, in less time than ever before. 

Tap the potential of a Bootstrap front-end framework, ready-to-use free Bootstrap templates available online in order to develop mobile-ready web apps fast, and have a fully functional full-stack website ready for publishing in hours instead of weeks or months as a result.  

Learn how to deploy your web app to production & scale up using the Digitalocean app platform, dedicated Postgres DB module, static site, and spaces module for media files. 


  • Learn how to create, publish, and scale fully functional Full-Stack production-ready websites FAST
  • Take advantage of Bootstrap front-end framework to develop mobile-ready responsive front-ends with minimum effort
  • Implement Django templates for high level of security, simplicity and speed
  • Learn to use Github and Git version control for managing and deploying your project's source codes
  • Automatically convert your Github repository to a Digitalocean app and publish your website in seconds
  • Learn how to set up your online web application to track your Github repository changes and deploy updated source-code automatically
  • Create amazing and modern user interfaces using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and free or very cheap online resources


  • Moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Python is recommended
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  • Introduction & What You'll learn
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Django Full Stack Web Development & Deployment to Production
This Course Includes
  • 3 hours
  • 32 Lectures
  • 3 Resources
  • 1 Quiz Questions
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
  • Lifetime Access Yes
  • Language English
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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