Divorce Your Toxic, Narcissistic Spouse & Come Out On Top!

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Divorce Your Toxic, Narcissistic Spouse & Come Out On Top!

A Guide For Women - Stop The Suffering, Eliminate The Guilt &, Escape The Trap.

updated on icon Updated on Sep, 2023

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Course Description

- Are You Stuck In A Dead-End Relationship With A Toxic, Narcissist?

- Is He Controlling, Manipulative & Gaslighting You?

- Are You Wondering How To Escape The Hell And Claim Your Life Back?

I created this comprehensive course primarily for women who are stuck in a marriage with a toxic narcissist and need guidance on how to get the best divorce possible based on my own personal experience of the Irish legal system. Divorce can be a painful, lonely, costly and life-changing experience at the best of times. If you are trying to escape a narcissist, the process is made so much harder because you are dealing with someone who will actively lie, cheat, gaslight you and do everything in their power to ensure the divorce does not happen.

The key is to be prepared so you are on the front foot with the odds stacked as much in your favour as possible.

The 5 hours and 13 minutes of this course, you will discover:

  • The importance of thorough preparation. You are going into an emotional boxing ring so you need to be ready.

  • What evidence to start gathering in advance.

  • The value of maintaining an incident time-line.

  • Why you need to know your whole financial picture.

  • Why avoiding social media may be a good idea during this time.

  • Why your new best friend will be a diary.

  • How to choose a lawyer that is right for you.

  • Why your lawyer will lack empathy or sympathy for you.

  • What costly mistakes you should avoid with your lawyer.

  • Why a prolonged fight will not benefit you but it will fatten the lawyers pockets.

  • What the Court will look for from you.

  • What to expect and to not expect from the Court process.

  • What the Court can't do for you.

  • How to not be intimidated by Court and in fact boss the process.

  • How to deal with your ex after the divorce. Hint - he won't just disappear afterwards.

  • How best to manage your children during this time.

  • Why friends may take sides against you or suddenly disappear.

  • Practical tips to help you mind your physical, mental and emotional state during this difficult time.

  • How you can use this process to transform yourself and your future life into something amazing.

Disclaimer: Always seek your own professional, independent legal advice from a lawyer. I am not a lawyer and I have no legal training. However, this course is based on my personal experience of helping over 100 women on a pro-bono basis and their legal teams gain divorces from toxic, narcissistic husbands  which saved them considerable legal fees and time. My experience was gained in Ireland and based on its legal system from 2013 to 2019. Laws and processes may have changed since then and will differ in other countries. However this course should still give you an understanding of what to expect and how to be prepared in advance for most eventualities in Western countries.

Who this course is for:

  • This Course Is Aimed Mainly At Women Looking To Divorce A Narcissist But Are Fearful Or Unsure Of The Process Ahead.
  • Women In Toxic Or Narcissistic Relationships With Their Spouse.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Avoid The Common Pitfalls Most Victims Make

  • How To Avoid Getting Screwed Financially & Protect Yourself Financially

  • Gain An Understanding Of What To Expect From The Legal Process

  • How To Choose Your Lawyer Wisely

  • How To Avoid The Expensive Pitfalls When Dealing With Your Lawyer

  • How To Be Ready For The Court Process & Why It Could Be Pitifully Frustrating

  • Why Judges Will Not Care If Your Ex Committed Adultery

  • How Your Ex Could Still Make Your Life Difficult After Divorce & Steps You Can Take To Prevent This


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No Experience Required. But A PC with Internet Connection Is Needed In A Place Where You Have Privacy..

Divorce Your Toxic, Narcissistic Spouse & Come Out On Top!


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

21 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 05:41 05:41
  • play icon About This Course 03:12 03:12
  • play icon Why I Created This Course 06:50 06:50
  • play icon Divorce Is Not The End.. 03:57 03:57
  • play icon How To Be Ready For The Numerous Roadblocks That Your Ex Will Put In Your Way 06:29 06:29
  • play icon Prepare Your Finances 13:55 13:55
  • play icon Finances 2 14:18 14:18
  • play icon Finances 3 18:01 18:01
  • play icon Your Assets 09:29 09:29
  • play icon Is It Safe For You In Your Home? 13:49 13:49
  • play icon Meet Your New Best Friend - Your Diary & The Importance Of Updating Your Will 05:45 05:45
  • play icon Create A New Email Account 03:42 03:42
  • play icon Separation 05:12 05:12
  • play icon Lawyers - Do's and Don'ts 24:49 24:49
  • play icon Costs & The Court Process 43:15 43:15
  • play icon Costs & The Court Process pt.2 46:40 46:40
  • play icon Divorce When You Run A Business Together 07:11 07:11
  • play icon Managing Your Ex After Divorce 18:26 18:26
  • play icon Young Children 11:21 11:21
  • play icon Design A Life On Your Terms 31:10 31:10
  • play icon Last Module - A Brief Recap Of Everything We Have Covered 19:45 19:45

Instructor Details

Zac Jan

Zac Jan

I Will Help YOU Create Your BEST Life On YOUR Terms!

All successful athletes, cricketers, tennis players, golfers, soccer players, etc., need a coach helping them steadily climb to higher levels... You do too.

My life's mission is to share with YOU the tools, ideas and experience that helped me achieve some amazing things over the last 30 years. I'm going to share what worked, what didn't work but equally why your mindset is one of the most important weapons in your armoury.


No one knows you as well as you know yourself. But you know what's scary? Most of us don't know ourselves properly. So here you will learn more about yourself than you ever did before...things they don't teach you in school

Learn From My Successes... And From My Failures. Turn Decades Into Days And Save Yourself A Ton Of Time!

My life has not always been this way..

Raised in a one room in west London, I grew up with little and childhood was tough.


I was often judged. I was often told I'm not good enough.

I've been through many times of uncertainty, chaos and anxiety in my life. I was working my butt off but never seemed to have any money at the end of the month. Plus I was always worried about money and the future.

But I started to change things, introduce a few new habits - one degree changes - that things started to change for me. I have not looked back since.

Now I want to help you do the same. Even with the world in midst of chaos right not, the courses and trainings I will be introducing in 2022 will change everything for you too! So what are you waiting for? If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got. I look forward to an amazing journey with you.

With warmth and respect,


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