Divination with the Runes

A complete and certified course on how to master divination with Runes.

Course Description

What are Runes?

Runes are sacred symbols and characters in a writing system used by the ancient Germanic people of Europe. But these runic symbols had been used for purposes of Divination. 

Rune means mystery, a form of divination used to help gain insight into situations or find answers to questions. Rune Stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. It can help you seek guidance for your future. The study of Runes can enhance your own personal as well as spiritual development and growth.

Spread an element of consciousness throughout human societies and into the universe.

A Rune Reading can-

  • Help Expressing matters at a deeper level 

  • Show the forces that may hinder or oppose us

  • Show the forces that can help us in our journey 

  • Identify the underlying influences of the matter 

  • Find out the fears and negative feelings

  • Identify the outside influences of friends and/or family

  • Represent any obstacles to overcome 

  • Help us see our goals clearly and achieve them

  • Help in providing guidance in any situation in life

  • Understand your Rune Divination counseling responsibilities

The course offers-

  • Brief history and origin of Runes

  • Meanings and interpretations of Runes 

  • Various associations with Norse Mythology and Gods 

  • Runic meanings and their significance in your life

  • Casting Runes

  • Finding answers and seeking guidance

  • Learning of Various Spreads 

  • Creating Hand Mudras for inviting Rune energy into your life

  • Creating Charms and Binds with Runes 

  • Runes and their association with elements 

  • Tarot Association with each Rune 

This Course includes detailed Video lectures which can be learned at your own pace.

Enroll now to explore the mysterious power hidden within the Runes.


  • Know the history and origin of Runes
  • Learn and understand the meaning and interpretation of each and every Rune, with their significance in your life
  • Understand the various associations with Norse Mythology and Gods
  • Know the Tarot Association with each Rune
  • Learn about the casting of runes
  • Learn how to create Hand Mudras for inviting Runic energy in your life
  • How to find desired answers and seeking guidance
  • Be able to create Charms and Binds with Runes


  • No prerequisite, Anyone willing to Learn and Explore
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  • Introduction/Outline to the course
  • What are Runes?
  • How to work with Runes
  • History of Runes
  • History- Part 2
  • Origin of Runes and the 'Aetts'
  • Norse Gods
  • Norse Gods- Part 2
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Divination with the Runes
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 77 Lectures
  • Completion Certificate Sample Certificate
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  • Language English
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