Digital Marketing Agency Elite Consultants Masterclass

person icon Juan Galvan

Digital Marketing Agency Elite Consultants Masterclass

Learn how YOU can start & scale a digital marketing agency using a "simple" 3 step process without being an ads expert.

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

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Lectures -141

Resources -29

Duration -20 hours


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Course Description

LEARN HOW YOU CAN GROW A SUCCESSFUL MARKETING AGENCY... in as little as 30 days or less as Juan pulls back the curtain on how you can get paid high monthly retainers and even if you have no prior marketing experience.

I've done the painful leg work so that you don't have to. When I first started, I struggled to get clients because I had no confidence. I was unsure how to get results or even how to sell and close clients. I was in the exact same boat that you might be in right now. But eventually, after hundreds of hours of trial and error, everything fell into place and clicked. Now I'm giving you the formula.

If you’re not where you want to be yet... The main thing holding you back from success is not having a simple, proven system for getting clients on a consistent basis. You see, finding leads is easy... and I'll show you how to do that… and once you find those leads, I'll show you how to close them on 3, 6, and even 12-month retainers.

Fulfilling services is also pretty simple, you're going to learn how to do that and if you don't want to do the work yourself, you can use my preferred white-labeled vendor that will serve your clients for you.

I'll also show you how you can GUARANTEE CUSTOMERS for your clients using a secret hack with absolutely zero risks. Whether you're completely new to space or looking to sharpen your skills, this program has just what you need. Presented by yours truly, Juan Galvan.

So if you're ready to make a change and learn how YOU can start and grow your very own digital marketing agency and land clients in as little as 30 days, then this is your defining moment to take action and change your life!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn how to start a digital marketing agency
  • Students who want to work anywhere from their laptop


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn how you can 100% guarantee customers for your clients using a secret hack with absolutely zero risk even if you have no prior marketing experience.
  • Learn how you can position yourself as the go to expert and authority in your niche. I'll show you how to get prospective clients to take you serious even if you're a beginner.
  • Learn how to get clients with done for you video audit scripts and templates + sample video audits you can use as reference.
  • Get access to my plug and play Facebook ads client funnel so you get inbound leads from businesses practically begging you to take their money!.
  • Get access to highly-converting plug and play DM scripts, Cold Email System + templates, and even my 4 Step Cold Calling System + scripts to close clients on demand.
  • Learn how to develop a success mindset and overcome doubts, limiting beliefs and turn challenges into opportunities. Identify what you're naturally gifted at, so you can leverage those strengths to operate at your highest potential.
  • Learn the Magical Objection Mastery system that shows you how to overcome every single objection in the book!
  • Copy and paste ads + landing page funnels for several niches. Easily install the landing pages with just a couple of clicks!
  • Done For You Fulfillment Team: Don't want to do the work yourself? No problem! Our preferred white labeled vendor will service your clients for you after they're closed.
  • Step-by-step videos going over pitch decks. I take you by the hand and show you exactly how to start the presentation and how to close the deal!
  • Learn how to close clients on 3, 6 and even 12 month contracts.
  • Done for you custom built modern digital marketing agency website. Just ad your logo + agency info and your done!
  • Learn how to find hundreds of potential clients that are missing crucial items on their website such as SSL cert, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Mobile Optimization that need your help!
  • Learn the essential tools and resources you'll need to run a a successful agency.
  • Get access to copy and paste ad copy formulas that covert! Learn how to run the RIGHT offers to your clients audience that has them begging you to take their money. In-turn, making your clients extremely happy.
Digital Marketing Agency Elite Consultants Masterclass


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Course Introduction
18 Lectures
  • play icon DMA Elite Consultant Course Overview 09:59 09:59
  • play icon Best Way To Learn These Skills 10:15 10:15
  • play icon Rewiring Your Brain For MAX Success 52:34 52:34
  • play icon The Business Model 28:44 28:44
  • play icon How We Help Businesses 46:57 46:57
  • play icon 2 Types of Digital Marketing Agencies 05:33 05:33
  • play icon Moving Parts of Your Agency 14:35 14:35
  • play icon Business Applications Overview 06:08 06:08
  • play icon Set Up Your Free Agency Website 17:24 17:24
  • play icon Setup Hosting Name Servers 00:37 00:37
  • play icon How To Install Wordpress 01:18 01:18
  • play icon Install Your Agency Website 04:19 04:19
  • play icon Setup Your Business Email 04:19 04:19
  • play icon 5 Step Agency Success Blueprint 08:11 08:11
  • play icon Step by Step Action Plan
  • play icon Your Agency Starter Kit 04:45 04:45
  • play icon Your Daily Productivity Hub
  • play icon Laser Focus & Productivity Tools 06:16 06:16
The Lead Generation Machine
42 Lectures
Sales Mastery - Closing Clients
14 Lectures
Google Ads Mastery
23 Lectures
Facebook Ads Mastery
32 Lectures
Service Delivery + Scaling
6 Lectures
Web Design + Extras
5 Lectures

Instructor Details

Juan Galvan

Juan Galvan

Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer | Visionary

Hi I'm Juan. I've been an Entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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