What is Practice?

When I'm saying "Practice", what does it mean? I would say:

  • Practice is a habit.

  • Practice is a routine.

  • Practice does not need to remember.

  • Practice comes by practicing.

  • Practice needs dedication and commitment.

There are thousands of examples which you think about practice. I can list few for your understanding.

Shooting, Driving, Writing

What is Practice?

Any of the above listed skills comes from practice. When initially you start driving, you need to remember each step and you think twice before taking any action, but once you "have good practice" of driving, then you do not need to remember any step. It becomes your habit and routine, for example, your feet goes automatically at brake if you see a red light but definitely it comes from practising a lot and needs a lot of dedication and commitment.

One of the most important attributes of practice is that it forces you not to divert from what you used to do.

There could be a driver but would you assume him an efficient driver if he is driving at a speed of 20 miles per hours and meeting with accidents so frequently and bringing lots of scratches in the car on a daily basis?

Software development is also not different than other skills like shooting, writing or driving. To become a successful software developer you need lot of practice, dedication and commitment.

Through this small article, I'm going to tell you few major best software developer's practices, which you may find useful. So let's start....