Demand Forecasting

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Demand Forecasting

This course will help you in the planning and implementation of demand forecasting.

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Lectures -28

Duration -7.5 hours


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Course Description

In this course, you will learn the different methods of Demand Forecasting including examples. In this course, 

you will also  learn about the qualitative  methods of forecasting like Delphi method, Sales force forecasting, 

Executive opinion and Customer survey / market research. You will also learn the concepts of how to find out the 

forecast when the historical data has a trend.

This course can be useful for students studying operations management, professionals working in IT industry 

responsible for the planning and implementation of demand forecasting. There will be 28 lectures in the course 

covering the main topics of demand forecasting. 

Following are the lectures that are part of the demand forecasting course- Fundamentals of demand forecasting, 

Components of demand, Qualitative methods of forecasting, Fundamentals of simple moving average, Fundamentals 

of weighted moving average, Fundamentals of Exponential smoothing, Value of alpha for exponential smoothing, 

Fundamentals of trend adjusted exponential smoothing, Fundamentals of Seasonal influence in forecasting using 

multiplicative seasonal method, Linear regression using Causal relationship forecasting,  Fundamentals of Seasonal 

influence in forecasting and Measurement of Forecasting error using Mean Squared error (MSE), Standard deviation (sigma), 

Mean absolute deviation (MAD) and Mean absolute percent error (MAPE). This will also covers the examples of each of 

these topics.

Demand Forecasting


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Concepts of Demand Forecasting
12 Lectures
  • play icon Fundamentals of Demand Forecasting 07:11 07:11
  • play icon Components of demand 13:18 13:18
  • play icon Qualitative methods of forecasting 12:31 12:31
  • play icon Simple moving average - Fundamentals 10:08 10:08
  • play icon Weighted moving average - Fundamentals 10:48 10:48
  • play icon Exponential smoothing - Fundamentals 25:50 25:50
  • play icon Value of alpha for exponential smoothing 09:27 09:27
  • play icon Trend adjusted exponential smoothing - Fundamentals 12:36 12:36
  • play icon Seasonal influence in forecasting - Fundamentals 26:10 26:10
  • play icon Measurement of Forecasting error - Part 1 16:05 16:05
  • play icon Measurement of Forecasting error - Part 2 17:39 17:39
  • play icon Measurement of Forecasting error - Part 3 10:12 10:12
Examples of Demand Forecasting
16 Lectures

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Maxusknowledge was created in 2010. Our motive is to provide quality education in the field of management. The creator of the video is a qualified B.E., MBA and has been working in the corporate world for the last 20 years.

The creator has expertise in operations management and has been working in this field for the last 10 years. With this knowledge, the videos have a very good blend of theory and real-life experience. Also, the videos are in-depth and accurate with very simple language.

The creator has also has created multiple courses in other fields like Supply chain management and finance management. Special care has been taken to make sure that the quality of content and delivery of the lessons is of the highest quality.

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