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Decoding Customer Service

Created by Venu Gopal, Last Updated 29-Aug-2020, Language:English

Decoding Customer Service

How to Walk the Talk Wearing Your Customer's Shoes

Created by Venu Gopal, Last Updated 29-Aug-2020, Language:English


  • No prerequisites. You with an open bent of mind and willing to start thinking: 'I am the customer of my own business'.



You have a great product or service to sell but can't make your customer get the best out of it, then you are a failing business.

And, no matter how good your product or service is, it is highly likely that your competition will soon outsmart you. Therefore, the quality of your customer service is extremely critical to your business bottom line and you must address it squarely.

The answer to all customer service woes lies in mastering how to walk the talk wearing your customer’s shoes. But the trick is to fit in neatly by understanding and making customer perceptions your reality.

If you think so, follow me through this training and I will show you exactly how to do it, and more importantly, do it right the first time.

About this course:

This is a focused and fast-paced training that will make you think and act like a world class customer service expert in a few minutes from now. This mini refresher course will make you grasp the key concepts and ideas underlying a truly customer focused approach to business dealings.

In this course we are going to go through all the different elements of great customer service and what you need to do to make it an integral part of your business and your reputation. You will be able to make your own customer service policies and procedures.

It will provide you a bird's eye view of all the essential information to make you understand, prepare and implement a high-impact customer service manifesto that will solidify your business offering and help you achieve your business goals.

The course is made up of ten bite sized videos that will help you to learn the ropes of servicing your customers and clients with utmost confidence and mastering the art of walking the talk by stepping into your customer’s shoes.

Why you need to learn customer service skills and customer facing strategies?

At the end of the day, superior customer service is what makes your brand name resonate positively by ensuring an unending flow of happy and satisfied customers. This will have a resounding effect on your cash bells too!

Follow the guidelines in this course, and you will start thinking and acting as if you are the customer of your own business. This is the biggest secret to solving your customer service puzzle.

If that’s more than you can ask for in beefing up your customer facing strategies, join this course and enjoy the benefit of never ever having to face a bunch of disgruntled voices that too often appear as writings on the wall of social media.

Who this course is for:
  • The fundamental assumptions behind a great customer service are the same for businesses big and small and these work like charm for all types of businesses - online or offline, service oriented or product based. Customer service professionals and students, Business owners, Solopreneurs and anyone who is genuinely interested in skilfully managing customer relationships and improving their customer communication skills can benefit from this course.

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