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Cultivation of Crops

Created by Vandana Annavaram, Last Updated 05-Sep-2019, Language:English

Cultivation of Crops

Simply Easy Learning

Created by Vandana Annavaram, Last Updated 05-Sep-2019, Language:English


Agriculture is considered an offbeat practice in today’s world. In a world that is witnessing propelled growth in the use of technology, there is a lot of scope to increase the standards of Agriculture.

Our tutorials aim to deliver simple and easy methods that help you in the cultivation of crops.


We believe that anyone interested in learning and practicing cultivation will find these tutorials helpful. You need not be a professional in Agriculture to go through our tutorials.

Our tutorials are designed for both experts in Agriculture and the common man who chooses the field as a hobby and intends to explore it further. After going through our videos, you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in practicing agriculture and cultivation of crops.

Course Content

Vandana Annavaram


Vandana Annavaram has an accomplished career of more than 4 years. She finds her expertise in editing digital learning and marketing content, and website content update. She has also trained corporate professionals in areas such as English and Communication Skills. She is a seasoned editor and has good people management skills that make her a "go-to" person for resource and work allocation.

She believes every youth can participate in Agriculture and help towards a better environment. With this belief, she took up the onus of presenting these tutorials.

Vandana has done her Bachelors in Education from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Anantapur.

Subject Matter Expert

Raju Boddula is an Agriculture graduate from Acharya NG Ranga Agriculture University, RJNR, Hyderabad. He has more than six years of experience in the field of Research and Development in Agriculture. He is currently associated with us as an Agriculture Project Coordinator and looks after the shooting/recording sessions of the Agriculture practices.

As a child he used to often visit the fields and watch his family members practice farming. He made cultivation of crops a hobby at a later stage. With the hobby turning into a profession, he aims to help the masses learn agriculture.