Critical Thinking - Worksheet


Achieving self-development is all about steady planning to achieve current and long-term goals in personal and professional life. To develop oneself, one has to take stock of his present situation, draw a strategy and take necessary actions.

The following activity is designed to give you a clear idea of your present state − what’s working for you, what needs to be addressed, and what changes you need to bring in your life. Take your time and fill in the blanks below the questions.


  • What are your greatest assets?

  • What work are you really good at?

  • What skills do people like in you?

  • What do you do better than your co-workers?

  • What one thing are you most satisfied with?

  • Which life-experiences of yours make you stand out from others?

Areas of Improvement

  • What skills and competencies you need to have to improve?

  • What skills do others have that you wish you had?

  • Which project in your office will help you learn new skills?

  • What certifications do you need to move ahead?

  • Which courses will give you vertical growth in the department?

  • What development opportunities are there in your daily professional life?

  • How will you track the progress you are making?


  • Do you want to be a better writer?

  • Do you want to visit a gym and improve your physique?

  • Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

  • Do you want to be a better communicator?


  • What would attaining these goals mean to you?

  • What does is this success mean to you and how will it impact you?

  • How would your life change if you be the change you want to see in you?

  • How will you measure your development in the areas you have identified?