CouchDB - Deleting a Database

Deleting a Database using cURL Utility

You can delete a database in CouchDB by sending a request to the server using DELETE method through cURL utility. Following is the syntax to create a database −

$ curl -X DELETE name

Using −X we can specify a custom request method of HTTP we are using, while communicating with the HTTP server. In this case, we are using the DELETE method. Send the url to the server by specifying the database to be deleted in it.


Assume there is a database named my_database2 in CouchDB. Using the above given syntax if you want to delete it, you can do it as follows −

$ curl -X DELETE
   "ok" : true

As a response, the server will return you a JSON document with content “ok”true indicating the operation was successful.


Verify whether the database is deleted by listing out all the databases as shown below. Here you can observe the name of the deleted database, "my_database" is not there in the list.

$ curl -X GET

[ "_replicator " , " _users " ]

Deleting a Database using Futon

To delete a database, open the url where you will get an Overview/index page of CouchDB as shown below.

Delete Database1

Here you can see three user created databases. Let us delete the database named tutorials_point2. To delete a database, select one from the list of databases, and click on it, which will lead to the overview page of the selected database where you can see the various operations on databases. The following screenshot shows the same −

Delete Database2

Among them you can find Delete Database option. By clicking on it you will get a popup window, asking whether you are sure! Click on delete, to delete the selected database.

Delete Database3
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